JSRS Contracts Management System


JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS CMS), which is the latest addition in JSRS, supports the contract award process and helps Oman’s Operators & Buyers to monitor their contracts supply chain, in an efficient and transparent manner.JSRS CMS can be used in all levels of supply chain under a project, to track and manage the entire procurement process.

 JSRS Contracts Management System

Purpose of JSRS CMS

  • To track and monitor the SME & LCC Obligation in the supply chain.
  • To ensure Sub-Contracting & Contractual Obligations are implemented efficiently.
  • To empower Suppliers to directly and transparently compete in bids.

JSRS Contracts Management System also offers the option of supplier performance appraisals in all level of awarded contracts.

Presently, Oil & Gas Operators like ORPIC, PDO, OXY, BP, CCED, OOCEP and Other Industries Buyers such as SEZAD & DRPIC make use of JSRS Contracts Management System to enable and monitor SME, LCC and other contractual obligations and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Any JSRS Buyer can initiate the JSRS Contracts Management System for their projects by entering the details of the initial tender or contract details and the process can then be followed up by the contractors and sub-contractors in the entire supply chain.