JSRS: COVID-19 Engagement Opportunities


JSRS delivers multiple opportunities to Certified Suppliers related to Open Tenders, Oil & Gas Tenders, GCC Wide Tenders and more. These opportunities are listed directly on the Dashboard of the JSRS and notified through Mailers. The JSRS Contracts Management System (CMS) would continue to function normally supporting Suppliers to respond to PQ/RFQs/EOIs. Scroll down to know more.


The pandemic has brought in a rise in sourcing traffic amongst the JSRS stakeholders including Operators, Buyers and Contractors who deal with time-sensitive projects. Since sourcing time is of critical importance now and in order to support all stakeholders to directly deal with essential goods and services relating to COVID-19 pandemic, businessgateways have introduced a useful COVID-19 Biz Search function.

The COVID-19 Biz Search function allows JSRS stakeholders to perform a quicker and easier search in order to identify COVID-19 Essential Products or Services within the JSRS ecosystem.

The COVID-19 Search is a pre-filtered category list comprising only the related UNSPSC Segments/Family/Class/Products & Services for easier and ready access. Should you require any other relevant products or services to be added to this list, please feel free to write to us. For all other Search models, the existing detailed Biz Search is always available.

Suppliers are requested to immediately respond to such requirement from the stakeholders in order to address their Supply Chain requirements that would eventually form a win-win relationship.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the JSRS CMS shall continue to be an effective Award module for the stakeholders to publish their RFX and Tender Award processes leading to SME Obligation initiatives. Suppliers are requested to constantly check the RFPs/RFQs that come to their Dashboard on the JSRS in order to engage in a timely manner with the opportunities presented.


Did You Know?

JSRS Suppliers received 38,000+ Open Tender

Notifications from across 59 Sectors till date in 2020.

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You can also connect online with the JSRS Support Team via chat, mobile and other options.

International Market Intelligence Initiative - Exclusive to JSRS Suppliers

businessgateways engages in strategic alliances with renowned publications such as, Oxford Business Group, The Energy Year and The Business Year for the benefit of the JSRS Community.

Under this initiative, we provide the JSRS Suppliers Community with FREE access to the online economic, business and market reports, including COVID-19 economic reports. The reports also provide focused analysis on the implications for key sectors, actions taken by organizations and governments, the investment environment, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

JSRS Suppliers get the opportunity to draw on the wealth of online data and analysis with country-level intelligence to aid in gaining more insights.

businessgateways encourages the JSRS Community to access the latest information, reports and news from the oil & gas, energy and other business sectors across the globe.

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(Oxford Business Group, The Energy Year and The Business Year)

International Market Intelligence Initiative

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