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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • JSRS

  • What is JSRS?

    The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is the Sultanate of Oman’s Industry-wide Supplier Certification System implemented by Business Gateways International (businessgateways) on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman.

    The JSRS is an In-Country Value (ICV) initiative of the Oman Oil & Gas Industry that was launched in 2014 and currently supports thousands of suppliers from Oman and around the world to connect to Oman’s Procurement potential.

  • What are the objectives of JSRS?

    The objectives of JSRS are to:

    • Create a 'Single Window' Supplier Certification System to unify the registration & certification process of all Oil & Gas Operators and Other Industry Buyers in Oman.
    • Attract the Best-of-Breed Suppliers (national and international) to actively connect to and serve Oman’s Procurement needs.
    • Support Transparency and Local Content within the Supply Chain.
    • Provide a Supplier Sourcing Platform for Oil & Gas Operators and Industry Buyers to ‘Seek and Identify’ Suppliers to engage in the Procurement process.
    • Provide suppliers with an online mechanism to keep their data updated and monitored.
    • Create the In-Country Value (ICV) environment for Suppliers who will be monitored regularly on their ICV Performance.
    • Support Omani SMEs to actively engage in Procurement opportunities within Oil & Gas and Other Industries and create success stories.
    • Improve Supplier performance by providing them access to business-critical services on the NBF Platform to strengthen their own Supply Chain and Partnerships.
  • Is JSRS Certificate mandatory for connecting to business opportunities in Oman?

    Yes, according to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman, possessing a Valid JSRS Certificate is a Mandatory prerequisite for Suppliers who wish to connect to the Oil & Gas Industry and Other Industries in Oman.

  • What is the role of businessgateways on JSRS?

    businessgateways are the implementers of JSRS. businessgateways operates the JSRS application and is the Certifying Body for Suppliers to obtain the JSRS Certification. All National and International suppliers who are interested in connecting to the Oil & Gas Operators and major corporates from various industries will be supported and validated by for obtaining JSRS Certificate.

  • JSRS Buyers

  • What is JSRS Buyers Community?

    The JSRS Buyers Community consists of major Buyers in Oman who drive the Procurement Spend on the JSRS. The JSRS Community is categorized as Oil & Gas Industry and Other Industries. The Oil & Gas category comprises of all Oil & Gas Operating Companies in Oman and Other Industries Buyers comprises of major corporate organisations from Other Industries who tap into the JSRS Pool for their procurement spend as well.

  • Who are the Oil & Gas Operators using the JSRS?

    There are currently 23 Oil & Gas Operators registered with JSRS:

    1. ARA Petroleum Group
    2. BP Exploration (EPSILON) - (BP)
    3. CC Energy Development S.A.L. (Oman Branch)
    4. Daleel Petroleum L.L.C.
    5. Eni Oman B.V. - Oman Branch
    6. Hydrocarbon Finder
    7. Maha Energy (Oman) Ltd
    8. Masirah Oil Limited
    9. Mazoon Petrogas (BVI) Ltd.
    10. Medco L.L.C.
    11. Occidental Oman Incorporated (OXY)
    12. OQ SAOC
    13. Oman LNG L.L.C. (OLNG)
    14. Oman-Lasso Exploration and Production Karawan Ltd.
    15. Petrogas Rima LLC
    16. Petroleb Oman
    17. Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C. (PDO)
    18. Petrotel Oman L.L.C.
    19. Shell Development Oman
    20. Shell EP Oman B.V (Oman Branch)
    21. Shell Oman Exploration and Production B.V (Oman Branch)
    22. Tethys Oil Oman Onshore Limited
    23. TotalEnergies EP Oman Block 12 B.V
  • Who are all the Other Industry Buyers?

    Apart from the 23 Oil & Gas Operators, following are the buyers from Other industries:

    1. Abraj Energy Services SAOC
    2. Oman Investment Authority (OIA)
    3. OMIFCO
    4. Oman Tourism Development Company SAOC (OMRAN Group)
    5. Schlumberger Oman & Co. LLC
  • Can I directly supply to Buyers, or do I need to partner with a local agent?

    One of the best features to acquiring the JSRS Certification is Visibility; your company gains direct visibility to over 300+ Operators, Buyers and Contractors who use the JSRS to fulfil their procurement requirements. The Buyers Community use the JSRS to source verified suppliers who match their product/service requirement. In the event a JSRS Buyer or Contractor wishes to deal with you directly, they will connect with you.

    However, having a local agent could prove beneficial, as some projects may require you to have a local agent and such information will be available only as part of the tendering process. For example, your local agent (if it is an Omani SME) will receive Obligation based contract opportunities from O&G Industry of Oman. Both you and your agent, can together serve this opportunity successfully.

  • Our Oman-based Partner is JSRS Certified, do we also need to be Certified with JSRS for our Products and Services to be accepted by the Buyers Community?

    We recommend you be JSRS Certified as that will benefit your company with direct visibility to the Operators, Buyers and Contractors in Oman. Additionally, procurement and tenders will be sent directly to your registered email Id depending on their requirements.

    If a Supplier wants to showcase their product as manufacturer in JSRS then the Manufacturing company should be JSRS Certified. However, your representative companies can also process their JSRS certification with the product that they are representing in Oman as Agent or Distributer

    Kindly refer to our JSRS Brochure to learn about the benefits of being JSRS Certified.

  • JSRS Registration

  • We are already registered with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals or some of the Operators in Oman. Do we still need to be registered on the JSRS?

    Yes. Since the launch of the JSRS and its Mandatory Certification requirement, all suppliers who have been previously registered with individual Operators are expected to be certified again on the JSRS to create the common pool of suppliers.

  • How do we apply for JSRS Certification?
  • What is Tier 1 on JSRS?
    • The Tier 1 of JSRS is an e-Marketplace (B2B) Platform initiative known as Oman National Business Framework.
    • Suppliers are expected to ready their company profile here and are encouraged to use the critical B2B Tools that are available on this tier.
    • All Products and Services offered by the Suppliers are uploaded here through an exhaustive Catalogue Management System built using the United Nations Standards for Products & Services Code (UNSPSC). These Products and Services shall be Validated on Tier 2 of JSRS.
    • The NBF also supports bringing in multiple users from within each supplier organisation for better collaboration and integration to the e-Marketplace.
    • Upon profile validation, suppliers can gain access to and network with thousands of credibility-verified companies across 95+ countries.
    • Suppliers can subscribe for open tender notifications from all sectors of the 6 GCC countries.
  • What is Tier 2 on JSRS?
    • The JSRS Tier 2 is the Certification Platform of JSRS where suppliers are expected to be Validated and Approved on the JSRS. The Validation is subject to suppliers filling a Supplier Validation Form (SVF) which is an Industry based Checklist of supplier data.
    • JSRS Certification Validation is an Online process handled by businessgateways who interact with suppliers by either approving or declining the submittal categories until they are compliant for JSRS Certification approval
    • Omani suppliers who qualify as Local Community Contractors (LCC) can apply for the LCC Special Status as part of the JSRS Validation process. If approved as LCC, their Special Status would be listed on their JSRS Certificate.
  • What is Tier 3 on JSRS?
    • JSRS Certified suppliers on Tier 2 can then (optionally) go on to obtain further Industry Certifications on Tier 3.
    • Industry Certification is subject to suppliers meeting specific criteria of the respective organisations who are on Tier 3.
  • Will I get business opportunities once I complete Tier 1 NBF validation?

    Yes, once your complete Tier 1 validation, you gain access to our B2B Platform where you can connect and gain business opportunities from other validated companies on the NBF. However, you will not receive opportunities from Operators & Other JSRS Buyers, without a valid JSRS Certificate. It is mandatory for Suppliers to hold an active JSRS Certificate to connect and participate in the Buyer’s Procurement activities.

    For Opportunities from Operators, Buyers & Main Contractors, complete Tier 2 Validation and acquire the JSRS Certificate. Refer to our FAQ section on the JSRS Certification Process to learn more about the Validation process.

  • JSRS Certification Fee Payment

  • How much is the JSRS Subscription Fee?

    The JSRS Subscription Fee varies depending on if you are an international or Omani Supplier.

    For international Suppliers, the JSRS Subscription Fee is USD 1000 - for one year validity and USD 2250 for three-year validity.

    For Omani Suppliers, the JSRS Subscription Fee is based on your company classification (as per the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA)).

    Classification Validity Subscription Fee
    SME - Micro 3 Years OMR 50
    SME - Small 3 Years OMR 100
    SME - Medium 3 Years OMR 100
    Large 3 Years OMR 900


    • JSRS Subscription Fee mentioned is excluding VAT of 5%. VAT charges are applicable only to Omani companies.
    • The JSRS Subscription Fee is exclusive of any payment processing charges that may be applicable.

    To know more about the JSRS Subscription Fee refer to the Certification Fee tab in the Registration page.

  • The JSRS Subscription Fee for International Company is relatively higher than the Fee for Omani Companies. Do you offer special/subsidized rates for Micro- or Small overseas companies?

    The JSRS Subscription fee for Suppliers is set by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman and is based on the supplier origin (National or International). Further, in Oman, it is based on Company Classification (SME & Large) set by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA).

    To know more about the JSRS Subscription Fee refer to the Certification Fee tab in the Registration page.

  • What are the Pricing Policies for Suppliers?

    The Certification fee for suppliers is set by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman and the actual value is based on the supplier origin (National or International). For Omani companies, the employee count and annual sales (revenue) are the deciding factors for the JSRS certification fee and the company classification is as per the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA). Information regarding the current Supplier Fee and the Certification Duration is outlined on

  • What are the modes of payment available?

    There are two modes of payment available on the JSRS Application:

    • Online Payment
    • Offline Payment

    Online Payment

    The JSRS Certification fee can be paid online through the Payment Gateway of Bank Muscat hosted on the JSRS. You can also pay using Credit/Debit cards. It is important that your Credit/Debit Cards are '3D Secure' approved before it can be used on our system.

    Offline Payment

    The offline payment can be done via:

    • Cheque or Cash Deposit
    • Bank Transfer
  • Do we need to pay separately for NBF and JSRS Platforms?

    No. A single payment is enough to gain access to the NBF and JSRS Platforms.

  • JSRS Certification Process

  • How soon can we be JSRS Certified?

    There is no fixed timeline and it entirely depends on the supplier readiness of required documents. The process generally takes around 3–4 weeks. Completion of the process depends on two factors such as completion of profile management and submitting all documents needed for JSRS Certificate validation and its approval. Omani Companies are subject to a Site Visit validation process by businessgateways team as part of the Certification approval process.

  • After successful completion of Tier 1 NBF, how do I apply for JSRS Certification?

    Tier 1 Profile Readiness is the pre-requisite to apply for JSRS Certification. Upon successful verification of the Profile (Tier 1), suppliers can apply for JSRS Certification by submitting a Supplier Validation Form, along with certain mandatory documents for the validation process (Tier 2).

  • What is Supplier Validation Form (SVF)?

    Supplier Validation Form (SVF) is a vital form to be filled by the suppliers as part of the validation process (Tier 2) that lead to the JSRS Certification. JSRS validation process is on a first come, first serve basis subject to proper documents and information submittal.

  • What are the documents needed to submit for JSRS Validation?

    The required documents for JSRS Validation vary depending on your company classification and if you are National (Omani) or International Supplier. However, the below should give you an idea of what documents you need to have, before initiating the JSRS Registration.

    For National (Omani) Suppliers:

    • Commercial Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Chamber of Commerce Certificate.
    • Municipality Permit/Activities License Approved by Municipality or MADAYN.
    • Riyada Card (Applicable only if you hold a Riyada Card).
    • Bank Confirmation Letter (Either a letter issued by the Bank with your Bank details or a Self-declaration letter with authorized sign and stamp).
    • Financial Report (Mandatory for SME Companies).
    • Employee Certificate (Letter from the Ministry of Labour that shows the number of Omanis and expats employees currently working in your company).
    • Contract Experience – (ISO or any related third-party certification, Testimonials, work completion certificate etc. with the Products/Services scope).
    • Special Status (LCC) (A copy of all Owners’ Identification documents) (If you are interested in registering for 'Local Community Contractor' (LCC) Special Status currently endorsed by Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), CC Energy Development (CCED) and Occidental of Oman (OXY)).
    • Shareholders Information.
    • Site Visit: Currently conducted online, in-line with Oman’s Covid 19 regulations.

    For International Suppliers:

    • Commercial Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Bank Confirmation Letter (Either a letter issued by the Bank with your Bank details or a Self-declaration letter with authorized sign and stamp).
    • ISO, API, or any other related Certification with Manufacturing Scope/Manufacturer's Permit/ license from the local authorities (If a Manufacturer).
    • Agency or Distributor Certificates/Letter from the Manufacturer/Principal company authorizing your company to represent their Product/Services in Oman (If an Agent or Distributer).
    • Contract Experience – (ISO or any related third-party certification, Testimonials, work completion certificate etc. with the Products/Services scope)

    To know more, refer to our pdf on List of Documents mandated for JSRS Certification.

  • Do I need to submit any documents along with my SVF?

    Yes, there are Mandatory fields that are supported by documents and optional fields to be submitted as well. Businessgateways recommends and encourages suppliers to fill most of the optional fields too in addition to the Mandatory fields for faster approval and visibility to the Buyers Community. Refer also JSRS Certification linked to products/services.

  • What is a JSRS eBadge?

    Approved and certified JSRS Suppliers can access the JSRS Certified Supplier eBadge. JSRS Suppliers can showcase their JSRS Certified Supplier eBadge to business communities by displaying it on their business collateral and sharing on Social Media. The unique QR code scan will redirect to the Supplier's JSRS external profile page. Login to your JSRS Profile to access and download the JSRS eBadge.

  • We are an International Maintenance Company, our Subsidiary company based in Oman is JSRS Certified but with limited Portfolio as a Micro-SME. If we were to apply as an International Contractor on JSRS, can we use the same certificate as our subsidiary company?

    You cannot use the JSRS certificate of your subsidiary company, to receive direct opportunities. You should register yourself on JSRS to stay informed of happening opportunities.

    Once you are JSRS Certified you become visible to Operators, Buyers and Contractors in Oman, and they send you direct opportunities. Procurement invitations and tenders will be sent directly to your registered email ID. This way, you will be informed of the opportunities, and can guide your Subsidiary company in Oman, to pursue them.

    Additionally, the Micro SME company in Oman will be eligible for ICV based Obligation Opportunities, dispersed by the Oil & Gas Industry. You can work together to win these contracts and benefit.

    Refer to the JSRS Brochure to learn about the benefits of being JSRS Certified.

  • What next, after JSRS Certification?

  • What other certificates can I apply for after receiving the JSRS Certificate?

    After receiving the JSRS Certificate, Suppliers can apply for Additional Certificates on JSRS. Additional Certificates are Buyer-Specific accreditation that suppliers can apply for to gain business opportunities in specific concession areas across Oman. The Additional Certificate are categorised into two sections – LCC Special Status Certificates and Zonal Certificates.

  • What is the LCC Special Status in JSRS Certificate?

    The 'Local Community Contractor' (LCC) Special Status is for companies operating within the concession areas of certain Operators. LCCs who meet specific criteria, as defined by these Operators, are identified on the JSRS Certificate as ‘Special Status’ LCC. Companies with the LCC Special Status benefit from priority procurement opportunities from respective Operators.

    Omani suppliers who qualify to be Local Community Contractors (LCCs) can apply for the LCC Special Status in their JSRS Certificate. LCC Special Status approval on the Certificate is currently endorsed by Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) and CC Energy Development S.A.L. (Oman Branch) and Occidental of Oman (OXY).

  • What is PDO LCC JSRS Certificate?

    Petroleum Development Oman popularly known as PDO collaborated with JSRS on its Local Community Contractors (LCC) initiative. Companies, wherein ALL the owners are permanent residents (as per National ID) in any of the following Cities in Oman: Adam, Al Jazur, Bahla, Haima, Ibri, Muqshin, Shalim Al-Hallaniyah Islands and Thumrayt, can apply for Special Status category. The companies who successfully complete their Special Status validation will be issued with the “PDO LCC” status on their JSRS Certification.

  • What is CCED LCC JSRS Certificate?

    CC Energy Development S.A.L. (Oman Branch) utilizes JSRS for its Local Community Contractors (LCC) initiative, as part of their commitment to the companies from concession areas. Any company, existing or new to JSRS, wherein all owners are permanent residents (as per National ID) in any of the specified concession area of CCED, can apply for the JSRS Certificate with LCC special status.

  • What is Occidental of Oman LCC JSRS Certificate?

    Occidental of Oman (OXY) has launched their Local Community Contractors (LCC) Certification as a 'Special Status' within JSRS Certification. The companies, whose owners are from seven specific Wilayats (Haima, Al Duqum, Al Jazir, Mahout, Ibri, Adam and Bahla), are eligible for the Occidental of Oman LCC status in JSRS. JSRS suppliers can apply for Occidental of Oman LCC 'Special Status' on JSRS.

  • What is the primary advantage of having Additional Certification on JSRS? Does acquiring the JSRS Certificate alone mean that opportunities with Oil & Gas Operators will be limited?

    Apart from the JSRS Certificate, some Buyers require their suppliers to hold an additional certification (issued on fulfilment of that Buyer's parameters) to be eligible for their procurement opportunities.

    In most cases, the JSRS is more than enough to receive business opportunities. And in any case, it is a pre-requisite to receive any business opportunity from Oman's O&G Sector.

    Kindly visit our page on Additional Certification on JSRS to know more.

  • Are there any additional fees required to register for Additional Certifications?

    No, as of now there are no additional fees required to register for Additional Certifications on JSRS.

    Kindly visit our page on Additional Certification on JSRS to know more.

  • Other Benefits of JSRS / JSRS Profile / Miscellaneous

  • What is GCC Open Tenders Service?

    businessgateways in its endeavour to provide value-added services to its JSRS Suppliers, offers GCC Open Tenders Notifications from all sectors across 6 GCC countries. Existing JSRS suppliers can subscribe to receive Open Tender Notifications from all 6 GCC countries. Suppliers can choose from a wide range of categories/sub-categories at amazing offers.

    Read more

  • How do I subscribe to GCC Open Tenders through JSRS?

    Registered JSRS Suppliers can follow these steps to subscribe to GCC Open Tenders:

    • Login to JSRS.
    • Click Tenders from the side menu and select a subscription pack.
    • You can also click Tender Settings under Configuration.
    • Choose the allowed number of Categories and Sub-categories that support your business interests.
    • By default, the Categories and Sub-Categories are applicable to all 6 GCC Countries, however you may select specific GCC countries based on your preference.
    • Generate the invoice and complete the payment (Online through Credit Card or Offline through bank transfer).
    • Once your payment is approved, you will automatically begin receiving GCC Open Tender notifications.
    • Assign the GCC Open Tender Service to the right user(s) in your company.

    If you have queries regarding GCC Open Tender, kindly visit our FAQ or send us an enquiry.

    Non-JSRS Suppliers are kindly requested to register on JSRS if they wish to subscribe to GCC Open Tenders.

  • Is the subscription fee for GCC Open Tenders billed monthly or annually?

    GCC Open Tenders Service - Subscription Packs start as low as USD 15/OMR 5.77 per month and is billed annually. If you have queries regarding GCC Open Tender, kindly send us an enquiry.

  • What are the FREE subscriptions on market intelligence reports available for JSRS Suppliers?

    businessgateways has signed strategic alliances with Oxford Business Group (OBG) and The Energy Year (TEY) to deliver internationally acclaimed intelligence on markets based on sectors and countries. Our Suppliers gain free access to these online market reports published by OBG and TEY.

    Read more on Online Market Reports

  • Does JSRS provide B2B, Business Partnerships and other business opportunities beyond Oman?

    Suppliers can enhance their business opportunities by accessing the e-Marketplace known as the National Business Framework (NBF) a 'B2B stimulation' platform on JSRS. The NBF has thousands of companies across hundreds of countries and forms the foundation platform of the Oman Procurement system - JSRS. Equipped with multiple proactive B2B tools, the NBF e-Marketplace is a simple way where users of a single company can connect with other related companies worldwide to foster Business Partnerships, Distribution Networks etc. It is also possible to subscribe to GCC Open Tenders to stay connected to opportunities within the entire GCC through this platform.

  • How many users from our company can be added to one JSRS profile?

    The JSRS profile enables you to add unlimited users per company on the platform. You can manage user rights through the Admin Panel of the Admin User.

  • Will I receive tender opportunities via email, or do I have to frequently login to JSRS?

    All the tenders will be directly sent to your registered email Id depending on the requirements, provided you hold a valid JSRS Certificate*. Suppliers must select their preferred sectors to receive email notification for enquires posted towards the sectors. However, it is always recommended that you login to JSRS frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

    Additionally, businessgateways provides value-added services to its JSRS Suppliers. The GCC Open Tenders Notifications Service from all sectors across 6 GCC countries, allows you to receive happening Tender Notifications directly in your JSRS. Existing JSRS suppliers can subscribe to GCC Tenders Notification Service, to receive Open Tender Notifications from all 6 GCC countries. There is a wide range of categories / sub-categories to choose from, at affordable prices. Read more

    *Supplier Certification Mandate

    The Oman Ministry of Energy & Minerals has recently Mandated, with effect from 1 July 2021, all Suppliers who participate in any bidding activities floated by the Oil & Gas Operators and Concession Companies, must hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate. Contractors and Suppliers who are awarded Contracts and POs must hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate during the entire tenure of the Contract.

  • We are a company that offer manpower service (such as Permit Holder, Fitter, Mason, Helper, etc.,) to other companies. How can we best we use the JSRS to gain more opportunities? How will I learn of employee requirements through JSRS?

    If you update your products and services in detail, and tag them properly, your service will be seen by Procurement Officials who utilize the JSRS.

    Proactively, we recommend you search for companies (for example in Construction) as per classification using the B2B tools on NBF and directly communicate your service to Large / SME companies in Oman. To know more about NBF, visit this link:

  • Are international EPCs, who have received a contract in Oman, obligated to send their enquiries for supply of Products or Services to JSRS registered companies?

    This depends on the Obligation Contract Terms & Conditions listed out by the Project Owner (Operator / Buyer) who has awarded the contract to the EPC. Normally this is defined on the JSRS Contracts Management System, where if an MSME/LCC Obligation has been set towards an awarded contract, the EPC is obligated to source eligible SME Companies, using JSRS. If the JSRS CMS access has been provided by the Project Owner to the EPC, they can also search for Omani Product & Services, listed.

    The JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS), integrates Supplier Sourcing, eTendering, , Award & Tracking of the entire Project's/Contract's Supply Chain.

    The Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman has Mandated the JSRS-CMS for Operators to monitor their sub-contracting activities. Other Project Owners and Contractors also use JSRS-CMS to enforce MSME/LCC Obligations. Kindly visit this link to learn more on JSRS-CMS:

  • JSRS Certification Validity, Expiry and Renewal

  • Is there a duration/expiry date on the JSRS Certificate?

    Yes, there is an expiry date on the JSRS Certificate depending on the duration of certification selected at the time of registration. JSRS Certificate duration for Omani suppliers is 3 years and for International suppliers is either for 1 year or 3 years.

  • Are we required to keep our data updated after JSRS Certification?

    Yes, it is important that you update all critical data on your JSRS Profile regularly, as such data is usually monitored and brought to the notice of Oil and Gas Operators and Other Industry Buyers.

  • How do we keep our data updated?

    You can login to JSRS and update the relevant company data:

    • Tier 1 >> Configuration >> Company Profile Management
    • Tier 2 >> Validation Bank.

    Refer also to products/services.

  • As an Omani company, how do we benefit under the ICV initiatives of JSRS?

    The JSRS was born to encourage equal opportunities under the ICV specially for Omani SMEs. ICV Compliance is a key component within the JSRS Certificate where parameters such as Omanisation is monitored regularly. On the Contracts opportunities, the JSRS supports the SME/LCC Obligation Mandate for Buyer organisations who fall under this category by providing for SME/LCC Obligation Tracking through a Transparent and effective mechanism.

    Refer also LCC/SME under JSRS Certification Process.

  • How do we get a notification about my JSRS Certificate expiry date?
    • Regular reminder mails are sent before the expiry date.
    • Your JSRS Certificate also reflects the valid until date.
    • When you log in to your JSRS dashboard, a popup will notify about your JSRS Renewal.
  • How do we renew the JSRS Certificate?

    In the Settings/Account details page on your JSRS dashboard,

    • Click the Subscription Alert notification at the top
    • Fill the JSRS Certification renewal form
    • Generate JSRS Certification invoice and make the payment
    • JSRS Certificate will be renewed after successful completion of the validation process

    For Omani suppliers, Certification is also subject to the Classification Validation (SME/Large) of your Company at that point.

  • When should we renew the JSRS Certificate?
    • The JSRS Certificate needs to be renewed before (or) on the expiry date.
    • The Renewal Form is enabled throughout the Certification duration which enables suppliers to RENEW anytime.
    • On expiry, JSRS renewal continues to remain active for a grace period of 10 days following which the Subscription automatically terminates if it isn't renewed.
  • What will happen if we do not renew our JSRS Certificate?

    The JSRS Certification is a mandatory requirement by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman in order to connect with the procurement opportunities from the Oil & Gas Industry and Other Industries in Oman.

    Consequences of suppliers holding Expired JSRS Certificate are:

    • Exclusion from the 'Active' Supplier list of Operators and Other Industry Buyers for their Sourcing process.
    • Non-eligibility to obtain any contract from the Oil & Gas Operators and from Other Industry Buyers even if you win a bid.
    • Termination of all NBF and JSRS services.
    • Removal of your company data from the JSRS.
  • Our JSRS Certificate has already expired and the grace period has lapsed as well. Can we still renew?

    You may but there is no guarantee that all your data is still with us. So please contact for the process of re-registering/renewing.