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Thank you for choosing to Renew your JSRS Certification

An Active JSRS Certificate is Mandatory for Oman's Oil & Gas Procurement opportunities.


Dear Valued JSRS Supplier,

Thank you for being a member of the Oman JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN). We hope, that during your tenure with us, you benefitted from the features offered on the JSRS Platform and that you explored and engaged with potential business prospects from the JSRS Buyers Community (which includes all the Oil & Gas Operators, Corporate Organisations from Other Sectors, EPCs and Main Contractors).

We appreciate your decision to renew your JSRS Certification, but before you proceed, kindly take a moment to browse through the following content to understand the renewal process and how we, at businessgateways, can support you to ensure your journey in JSRS is as efficient and productive as possible.

The Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) issues the JSRS Certificate Mandate

To further strengthen their Mandate of the JSRS Certificate, the Oman Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM) has Mandated Suppliers (National and International), who intend to participate in any Bids for Oil & Gas Tenders with Operators, to hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate. Suppliers with expired JSRS Certificate cannot Bid or receive Contract Awards.

This mandate is being strictly monitored for compliance by all the Oil & Gas Operators in the Sultanate of Oman. To know more, read the Mandate >>

Importance of JSRS Certification for Omani SME/LCC Obligation Requirements

With regards to the In-Country Value (ICV) Obligation initiatives implemented by Oil & Gas Operators under the guidance of the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), all Omani SMEs / Local Community Contractors (LCCs) MUST hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate to benefit from exclusively reserved Opportunities under Obligation based Contracts that are floated on the JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS).
Learn more about SME/LCC Obligation >>

Renew your JSRS Certification

Kindly fill the form below to indicate your Intent to Renew your JSRS Certificate and the JSRS Team shall advise you further on the Process.

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JSRS Renewal Process

Considering the Mandates which we have listed above, we strongly advise you to always keep your JSRS Certificate Active during your engagement with Oman’s Oil & Gas Industry. In the case that your JSRS Certificate is nearing expiry, you can choose to initiate the Renewal process ONE Month in advance to the date of your JSRS Certificate expiry.

We urge you to begin the Renewal early since the Renewal process takes around 2-3 weeks to complete and we do not want this to impact your business opportunities should your JSRS Certificate expiry when you wish to participate in any Bidding process.

The Renewal Process is the same as the initial Certification process; you will need to pay your Subscription Fee based on the JSRS Fee structure, upload all required documents that are updated and add further Products & Services that you want the JSRS Certificate to reflect.
Click here to view the Checklist on the Mandatory Documents for JSRS Certificate

By now, you must be aware that your JSRS Certificate is mainly issued against the Products & Services that you are Approved for. Hence it is important that you add as many Products, and Services that you may wish, considering that the JSRS Subscription allows for unlimited Products & Services pack.
To learn more, visit our FAQ on the JSRS Validation and Renewal Process >>

Benefits to Renewing your JSRS Certificate

Aside from the above mentioned mandates that require you to hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate for engagement with Tenders, the JSRS Certificate also comes with additional benefits that promote expansion of business opportunities.

As a Certified JSRS Supplier, you gain access to various features and benefits on the JSRS Portal:

  • Receive RFXs from 300+ Buyers & EPCs direct to your inbox.
  • Apply for Additional Certifications (LCC & Zonal Certificates) on JSRS.
  • Subscribe to receive Open Tender notifications across the GCC.
  • Foster B2B relations with companies across the globe.
  • Access online Market Intelligence Reports.
  • Receive invitations to webinars/presentations on business expansion & development.

And much more. Browse our JSRS CSN brochure to learn more >>

Visit the JSRS page to explore additional benefits. If you have any queries regarding JSRS renewal process or would like to know how you can make better use of the JSRS Certificate, kindly contact us.