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A valid JSRS Certificate is Mandatory for Oman's Oil & Gas Procurement opportunities.


The JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) comprises of thousands of National and International Suppliers interested in connecting with 300+ Operators, Buyers, Main Contractors and EPCs across Oman for their procurement activities. Read more about it on our JSRS CSN brochure. A valid JSRS Certificate is Mandatory for Oman’s Oil & Gas Procurement opportunities.

As a Certified JSRS Supplier, you gain access to various features and benefits on the JSRS Portal:

  • Receive RFXs from 300+ Buyers & EPCs direct to your inbox.
  • Apply for Additional Certifications (LCC & Zonal Certificates) on JSRS.
  • Subscribe to receive Open Tender notifications across the GCC.
  • Foster B2B relations with companies across the globe.
  • Access online Market Intelligence Reports.
  • Receive invitations to webinars/presentations on business expansion & development.

And much more.

Visit the JSRS page to explore additional benefits. If you have any queries regarding JSRS certification or the renewal process or would like to know how you can make better use of the JSRS Certificate, kindly contact us.

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