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The National e-Marketplace is where all the B2B action happens! It consists of multiple Core Services that brings phenomenal value to your employees handling critical functional roles such as Sales, Procurement, Human Resources and also for the Top Management personnel. Through the e-Marketplace, your employees can look beyond your organization and access feeds and credible data that support them in their daily decision making process.

Immaterial of whether you are a local or an International Company, you have a structured platform that serves to remotely connect you with the National action of the country that you are interested in.

Your standard needs to tap into the Sales Potential, improve your Supply Chain, connect with manpower base and even look for Partners to strengthen your Distribution Networks are all met on the e-Marketplace. What more, you have direct access to Governmental Bodies as well to support you and mentor you towards growth and success!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Detailed Biz Search to search for Companies, Products, Services, Activities, Sector-wise, Region-wise, Classification etc.
  • Export the Search Results to MS-Excel format for further usage
  • 'Lookout' feature that constantly keeps tab on your consistent requirements
  • Connect to online Tender Feeds
  • Access Business Events around the world
  • Connect to e-Auctions and bid online
  • External Mail and External Chat Systems
  • Collaboration tools using Biz Hub
  • And a lot more!