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JSRS: International Market Intelligence Initiative


To add value to our JSRS Suppliers and Stakeholders, businessgateways has signed strategic alliances with Oxford Business Group (OBG) and The Energy Year (TEY) to deliver internationally acclaimed intelligence on markets based on sectors and countries.

JSRS Suppliers can now subscribe for online market intelligence reports on their NBF dashboard.


Get FREE access to online market reports and research which are utilized by leading CEOs, governmental & policy leaders and international decision-makers as a key source of insight.

OBG Online Country Reports for JSRS and NBF Suppliers

Oxford Business Group (OBG) - Country Reports

Through the unique partnership between businessgateways and Oxford Business Group (OBG), JSRS Suppliers get the opportunity to draw on OBG's wealth of online data and analysis with country-level intelligence to aid in expanding their business boundaries.

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TEY Online Market Reports for JSRS and NBF Suppliers

The Energy Year (TEY) - Market Reports

JSRS Suppliers can now access industry-defining reports and news on the world's emerging and established oil & gas markets. TEY's online reports offer an in-depth coverage of more than 30 markets with yearly reports, events and daily news.

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