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businessgateways presents the JSRS RIYADA e-Marketplace in OGWA 2018 (March 26, 27 & 28)

businessgateways, presents the JSRS RIYADA e-Marketplace, an initiative to encourage and support Omani SMEs to establish themselves nationally and expand globally.

Venue: OGWA 2018, Muscat, Oman (Click here to know where to find us at OGWA 2018 )
Date: 26, 27, 28 March 2018

The JSRS RIYADA e-Marketplace showcases Oman’s SMEs, their current business activities, products and services etc., through an innovative display system, making them visible to Oman’s project owners for allocation of projects within Oman, and to worldwide companies for technology partnerships.

The first edition of businessgateways JSRS RIYADA e-Marketplace is aimed at promoting JSRS RIYADA SMEs and will be hosted at the upcoming OGWA exhibition in Muscat, 26-28 March, 2018.

Event Highlights
  • First of its kind e-Marketplace showcasing JSRS Profiles of RIYADA companies to Oman’s Oil & Gas Operators and Other Industry Buyers.
  • Showcases JSRS RIYADA Companies to incoming global visitors from reputed companies thus encouraging project partnerships.
  • State of the art “poster stand” display where companies are profiled for easy visibility and access through the online app.
  • JSRS e-Market Application: The JSRS RIYADA e-Marketplace will use an innovative web based application (mobile friendly) to help visitors access the latest online JSRS Profiles of showcased companies as seen on either from their mobiles or through a specially erected viewing pillar.
  • Presentations: Various stakeholders of the JSRS will hold valuable presentations, you can attend them by clicking here.
    • Oman Governance Stream: Stakeholders from across Oman’s Key Governance systems would be holding presentations on ICV, etc.
    • Oman's Business Opportunities Stream: Oman’s O&G Operators, Buyers & Main Contractors will present their upcoming projects which Oman’s SMEs can avail and benefit.
    • Project Support Stream: Various bodies in Oman involved in supporting multiple requirements for executing a project will showcase their services.
  • Live Webinar Feed: The Ongoing Presentations would be fed live to an international audience through a live webinar viewed by many 1000s of potential companies worldwide.
  • B2B Meetings: Through advance scheduling, B2B Meetings are formed between showcased JSRS RIYADA companies and visiting global companies encouraging various kinds of partnerships (including technology innovation, product / service supply, etc.,) thus equipping Omani Companies to execute upcoming projects.
    • JSRS Companies can schedule B2B meetings with JSRS RIYADA companies by clicking here.
    • We will send you the meeting link to select and schedule, which would then be moderated and informed to you accordingly.
  • JSRS OGWA Support Desk: To help visiting JSRS companies make their stay more comfortable, businessgateways has established the JSRS OGWA Support Desk. You can ask us for any generic information about Oman, and we would be happy to share the information with you. Send us a mail by clicking here.

About OGWA
OGWA is a biennial international exhibition and conference that brings together local and international oil and gas companies from the GCC, technology and service providers, equipment suppliers, and other companies directly serving the industry’s requirements. The platform enables discussions about latest developments and directions of the industry, as well as for trade and business opportunities among the local and international oil and gas companies.

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