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JSRS Roadshow at OCCI, A’ Sharqiyah, Ibra on 7 Feb 2019

The JSRS Roadshow was conducted on 7 Feb 2019 at the OCCI branch of A’ Sharqiyah in Ibra.
  • Attendees were provided an introduction to the JSRS Certificate & Certification Process followed by a live demo.
  • JSRS Support Desk was available for JSRS Registered companies during the Roadshow.
The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), since going live in 2014, has supported 1000s of companies procure more business, through its successful ‘Single Window’ Supplier Registration and Certification mechanism. The JSRS Certificate connects JSRS Certified companies to the procurement opportunities of JSRS Buyers which consists of Oman’s premium companies including O&G and Other Industries.

The pool of JSRS Certified Companies is the ONLY source of suppliers for ALL O&G Operators for their procurement activities. Born of the In-Country Value (ICV) initiative by the Ministry of Oil & Gas, the JSRS Certificate is a Mandatory Requirement for any supplier wanting to work in Oman’s Oil & Gas Industry.

The JSRS is a prime source of ICV eligible suppliers to JSRS Buyers.

Omani companies are eligible for potential project awards through the ICV initiative. JSRS Buyers, (which includes all O&G Operators, Main Contractors) exercise the ICV allocation to Omani companies in projects they execute and are constantly in search of eligible Omani Companies for these potential awards.

Existing JSRS suppliers met us for:
  • JSRS Support and Clarification towards JSRS Certification
  • Understanding and addressing system configurations of NBF & JSRS

New suppliers met us for:
  • Understanding the strategic importance of JSRS Certificate
  • Understanding JSRS support systems that unlock immense business potential in JSRS
  • Registration process of their company on JSRS, leading to JSRS Certification
  • OCCI
  • Oman chamber of commerce
  • Procurement opportunities for SMEs
  • ICV initiative
  • JSRS Roadshow
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