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Launch of SEZAD e-Tendering Portal on JSRS and SME Workshop

The Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm in coordination with businessgateways, has launched the SEZAD e-Tendering Portal system and Certification mechanism on the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) hosted on The SEZAD Certification applies to all Omani SMEs who are already registered with SEZAD or wish to register to work and have access to tenders being released from SEZAD’s contractors working on projects in Duqm.
Below is the new process you will need to follow to have access to tenders from government entities / investors who are registered with the JSRS as well as SEZAD contractors within the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm.
A workshop will be conducted as per the details at the bottom of this email.However, should you want to register immediately, you can follow the steps below:
1. Your first step to apply for SEZAD Certification, is to be registered and certified on JSRS. To register on JSRS, visit and register your company. A fee of OMR 50 for Micro Companies, and OMR 100 for Small & Medium Companies apply. This fee is valid for THREE Years. Note: The JSRS Certification is mandatory to register for SEZAD Certification and access to tenders.
2. Once you are certified on JSRS, you will be able to apply for SEZAD Certification. There is no additional fee for SEZAD Certification on JSRS.(Once registered and certified, you will have access and receive all tenders from within the Zone.)
We invite you to process your SEZAD Certification on JSRS, in order to be eligible for tenders for SEZAD’s multiple project lines within a wide range of sectors.

To initiate your registration, please visit and register your company.
Workshop for SMEs
As part of the launch of SEZAD e-Tendering Portal System, SEZAD in co-ordination with Duqm Refinery and businessgateways, is conducting a workshop session for SMEs. This workshop will help SMEs to understand how the JSRS works and access tenders.
In addition, SEZAD’s current registration / certification policies and procedures will also be shared and explained. Attendees will understand the various benefits that can be gained by using the system, hence all SMEs are asked to attend the workshop.
As the number of SMEs have increased within the Special Economic Zone Authority, we are conducting 2 sessions. We ask that you book your seat as soon as possible for either the early morning or mid-morning session.
13 Feb 2019, Tuesday
Session I: 8.30 AM–10.30 AM
Session II: 11.00 AM–1.00PM
Venue: Crown Plaza, Duqm

At any point of time, if you need any clarification, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details are:
Phone: +968 2416 6100
WhatsApp: +968 96713467
With warm regards,
Team businessgateways
On behalf of SEZAD.
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