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The JSRS: COVID-19 Procurement Drive Webinar

On 17 April 2020, 400+ Indian export organizations participated in The JSRS: COVID-19 Procurement Drive webinar, conducted by businessgateways jointly with FIEO.

With the global pandemic disrupting business activities worldwide, Suppliers and Buyers need to connect and stay connected to each other, especially for meeting the supply and demand of COVID-19 Essential Good and Services, required by Buyers for COVID-19 Disaster Management.

WHO has listed a series of COVID-19 Essential Goods, which are required immediately by those managing the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a fact that the production & distribution priority of each country will currently remain to serve the needs of its own. However, soon, once the needs of the country are met, then exporters need to serve the needs of other nations.

The webinar focussed on how FIEO Exporters can connect with Buyers from Oman and over 100 countries via the Joint Supplier Registrations System (JSRS).

About FIEO
The Federation of Indian Export Organisations represents the Indian entrepreneurs' spirit of enterprise in the global market. Known popularly as ‘FIEO’, this apex body was set up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and private trade and industry in the year 1965. FIEO is thus a partner of the Government of India in promoting India's exports and engaging in export trade facilitation by providing a crucial interface between the international trading community of India & the Central and State governments, financial institutions, ports, railways, surface transports and more.

FIEO is a globeconnect Partner on JSRS, interested Suppliers can log in to JSRS to connect with FIEO.

About globeconnect
globeconnect is a business exploration platform, driven by businessgateways, that connecting International Trade partners to JSRS Ecosystem for engagement and business opportunities.
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