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JSRS Certification & Support Roadshow 2022 – Nizwa, Oman [16 March 2022]

businessgateways invited Omani Companies to attend the JSRS Certifications & Support – Oman Roadshow at Nizwa on 16 March 2022 at Conference Hall, OCCI Nizwa, Oman.

This Roadshow was part of a series of Roadshows hosted and conducted by OCCI & businessgateways, scheduled to be held across all Governorates of Oman in OCCI’s premises. The Roadshow at Nizwa focused on the topic: Enabling Omani SMEs for ICV based Procurement Opportunities & B2B Partnerships.

Interested Companies attended the JSRS Certifications & Support Roadshow at Nizwa, to:
  • Understand Oman’s ICV Obligations for Omani SMEs.
  • Learn more about the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN), and how it is utilized for Procurement & B2B.
  • Find out how large procurement teams can utilize the JSRS CSN for Supplier Sourcing according to ICV eligibility.
  • Understand the JSRS Certification Process.

Existing JSRS Companies visited to get Direct Support on the JSRS Certificate.

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