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The Stage Webinar: Enabling Omani SME Opportunities (In-Country Value) on JSRS

The Stage webinar on 'Enabling Omani SME Opportunities (In-Country Value) on JSRS’ was attended by Omani SMEs, Local Community Contractors (LCC), JSRS Community and other organizations from 24+ countries. We would like to thank all our participants for their overwhelming response.

Special thanks to the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (RIYADA), Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Occidental of Oman (OXY) and Daleel Petroleum LLC for participating and presenting their views on Procurement opportunities in Oman and focusing on the SME/LCC Obligation opportunities available as part of the In-Country Value (ICV) initiative on the JSRS.
Webinar Highlights
The 120-minute webinar provided insights on various crucial topics related to the ICV-based Obligation Contract Opportunities in Oman.
  • Keynote Speech
  • Enabling Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Development of Local Vendor
  • ICV Enablement
  • Daleel SME contribution
  • SME Opportunities on JSRS-CMS: Introduction & Demo
  • Panel Discussion
  • Closing note
The Stage webinar was attended by participants from 24+ Countries. We would like to thank all our participants for their overwhelming response. Visit the stage page, to learn more about the event.

The Stage, driven by businessgateways
The Stage is an initiative by businessgateways that brings together the JSRS community on a common online knowledge-sharing platform!

businessgateways is an ITES company, developing and implementing national-level platforms for ministerial and governmental stakeholders in the Sultanate of Oman.
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  • icv
  • in country value
  • SME
  • Local content
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