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Virtually Meet & Engage with Established UAE Companies

businessgateways was pleased to host the UAE-Oman JSRS CSN B2B Event hosted by businessgateways on The Stage, which was attended by a large number of companies from the UAE and Suppliers from the JSRS CSN.

This exclusive Event was designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing and foster strong business relations between the UAE and Oman.

B2B – UAE Manufacturers & JSRS CSN
Connecting UAE Companies to the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN)
for Business Opportunities & Partnerships

At the UAE-Oman JSRS CSN B2B Event, attendees had the opportunity to connect with reputed UAE Companies and present their business profiles, with the intention to seek and identify Omani Companies from JSRS as potential business partners. This event proved to be a success as Suppliers got the chance to explore new business opportunities and establish fruitful collaborations.

Key Highlights from the Event:
  • Prominent UAE Companies showcased their business.
  • Exhaustive information and knowledge related to various business sectors were shared across the panel.
  • Attendees got to build long term and mutually beneficial business relationships.
And much more.
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