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businessgateways (BGI) is pleased to invite your company to participate in the upcoming Online B2B Event on The Stage and present your business to interested JSRS companies, opening potential new business opportunities and partnerships.

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  • 29 August 2023 | 11 AM OST : B2B – UAE Manufacturers & JSRS CSN
  • 06 September 2023 | 11 AM OST : B2B – Renewable Energy on JSRS
  • 04 October 2023 | 11 AM OST : B2B – Made in Oman Products & JSRS CSN

Note: Registration is Free.
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Exclusive to the JSRS CSN

The Stage is an online knowledge-sharing platform, initiated by businessgateways for the JSRS Communities.

What is The Stage?
The Stage is an online knowledge-sharing platform of the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN). The Stage supports JSRS Suppliers by providing them access to current opportunities to align themselves to upcoming business opportunities.

The Stage provides a voice for Omani SMEs, Large & International Suppliers on the JSRS and sets the stage to showcase excellent Technologies, Ideas & Opportunities, which can contribute towards the growth of Oman. Over the years, The Stage has hosted various Events with which outlines how you can initiate an engagement within the JSRS Community. Click here to browse through past Events.

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Interested Companies are invited to present themselves to the JSRS CSN by participating as a Speaker in the upcoming August Events.

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