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[13 September 2023] The Stage Webinar on Oman’s New Labour Law

Our exclusive webinar on Oman’s New Labour Law was a success with over 100s of webinar attendees from across Oman attending the session.

The webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the new Labour law and its implications for employers and employees. Led by industry experts, this informative session covered key topics to help attendees navigate the updated regulations and ensure compliance within the organization. Read More.
This webinar was hosted on The Stage, an online Knowledge-Sharing Platform, driven by businessgateways.
  • Discussion Stream: Trade Governance
  • Topic: Oman’s New Labour Law Webinar
  • Date: 13 September 2023

About the Event
Oman's New Labour Law

On 25 July 2023, Oman announced a new labour law for workers in the private sector (Royal Decree 53/2023), repealing the Royal Decree 35/2003 as amended (the Old Labour Law) and introducing new regulations on labour strikes, permission for migrant workers involved in labour disputes to remain in the country, and other significant changes. The new law follows a series of reforms made this year, including the implementation of the Wage Protection System, a new social security law and the rollout of a mandatory Health Insurance Scheme.

We would like to thank ALC Lawyers & Counsels (an active Supplier on JSRS) for partnering with us in hosting this orientation webinar on Oman’s New Labour Law to focus on some of the key changes introduced.

Webinar Overview
This informative session was packed with essential knowledge and practical guidance to navigate the updated regulations and ensure compliance within the organization. Here's an overview of what was covered:
  1. Introduction on the New Labour Law
  2. Termination of Employment – etc. discriminatory basis for termination, poor performance, disciplinary reason, and/or other reasons
  3. Working Hours
  4. Labour Complaints
  5. Employment Compensations
  6. Repatriation
  7. New savings scheme (introduced by Social Protection Law RD 52/2023) made up of employer contributions will in the future replace the end of service gratuity

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