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Businessgateways: A new platform for global business opportunities in Oman

Oman is the global headquarters of an innovative international framework that provides SMEs, large corporate houses and ministries with a robust platform to showcase their business.

Branded 'businessgateways', this innovative framework has been conceived and developed by Business Gateways International LLC (BGI) based at Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), the sultanate's prestigious information Technonlgy Park in Rusayl, Businessgateways has evolved as extensive international framework of integrating credible organisations to help them meet three major objectives namely, enhance their busi-ness strengths through better partnerships, expand their services into other potential countries and excel in their performance by delivering continuous advisory services.

Businessgateways has ambitious plans in setting up gateway offices in many countries referred to as 'Business Stimulation Centres' whose prime objective would be to showcase the business potential that exists in each country and help organisations integrate both at the National and International levels, thereby increasing exports and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the operating country.

Business Gateways is setting up an Oman National Business Frame - work that helps Omani companies integrate at the National level and reach out to business potentional and services in various cities such as Salalah, Buraimi, Sohar, etc.

The Regional Gateway Offices in each of these locations would enable the local business houses to interact better with Business Gateways.

"We are ambitiously positioning ourselves as the 'Brand Ambassadors' of the country by spotlighting the nation's business potential and creating an international business framework that enables organisations to govern their business," says Hemanth Murkoth, CEO - Business Gateways.

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