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ICV Business Opportunities - Wave 2

In the spirit of continuing efforts to enhance the ICV in Oman, the Ministry of Oil & Gas together with OPAL and the OIl and Gas companies operating in Oman are holding a number of workshops in continuation to Wave 1 held held at Al Bustan Palace Hotel on 18th December 2013.

ICV Business Opportunities - Wave 2

Business opportunities workshops will include the following:

1. Set up regional maintenance hubs around concession areas.

2. Manufacture shale shaker screens

3. Localize pigging technology and pipe inspection service capability through SMEs

4. Manufacturing of security fencing

5.Promote SME development on engineering design for the manufacturing industry and develop an engineering services hub.

The industry is calling on all interested parties to attend this important event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Muscat and actively participate and benefit from the opportunities shared by the operators during the event.

In addition, there will be a presentation on the development of skills for Oil and Gas industry titled “Local Workforce Development Update” that you can register and atted.

The workshops will take place at:

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat on 05th June 2014.

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