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Tenders for PDO’s Local Community Contractors (LCCs) on JSRS

The Operators and Buyers for the Oil & Gas Industry of Oman propagate their tenders to the credibility-verified suppliers on the JSRS platform. In accordance with the In-Country Value (ICV) initiative of the Sultanate, the Operators and Buyers circulate their tenders and buying enquiries through the Contractors to the Local Community Contractors (LCC) of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

PDO LCCs can login to their JSRS dashboard and access these tenders.

Interested LCCs and other suppliers can contact us to know more about JSRS.

About LCCs
Local Community Contractors are companies owned by the group of people who live in PDO's concession area (Block 6). The objective is to maintain sustainable development by engaging these companies in PDO business activities through contract works. LCCs are specialized in areas such as maintenance, logistics, electronics, civil engineering, manpower supply and well services, with more than 3,000 Omanis currently working for them.

PDO has also established four Super Local Community Contractors (SLCCs) for the purpose of larger scale operations generating new employment avenues and entrepreneurship opportunities for thousands more Omanis.
(Source: PDO)
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