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Abraj Energy Services has joined as a new buyer in JSRS Buyers Community

Abraj Energy Services in one of the subsidiaries of Oman Oil Company and a major buyer in the JSRS Buyers Community.

The company offers Well services involving testing, drilling fluids & waste management, Drilling services which include workover, rig drilling & casing running services and Integrated Project Management services.

Abraj has been awarded a contract with MEDCO for the provision of 1000 HP drilling rig for their operations in Karim Field. The contract is for a duration of 4 years.

Tenders published by Abraj Services:
  • Supply of Crane Rig 208
  • Supply of Water to Rig 208
  • Hire of Sewage Tanker
  • Hire of Skip Loader of Collection and Disposal
Credits: Open Source
The JSRS Registration & Certification is the first step to connect with Abraj Energy Services for new procurement opportunities that will rise through the signed contracts.

JSRS Suppliers can connect with Abraj Energy Services directly through JSRS Buyers Community and can now expect more tendering and contracts opportunities.
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