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JSRS Suppliers can now access TOGY Publications

​The Oil & Gas Year (TOGY) produces industry-defining books and maps on the world’s emerging and established oil & gas markets, TOGY and businessgateways have signed an agreement by which, TOGY will publications will be made available, to the JSRS Suppliers Community. TOGY’s publications provide valuable insights on various Oil & Gas markets across the world.

The Oil & Gas Year reports have a readership of 69,000, including energy industry executives, decision-makers and investors. Their reports offer in-depth coverage of more than 30 markets with yearly reports, events and daily news. TOGY sends teams of researchers to more than 30 territories in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East to conduct exclusive face-to-face interviews with the global oil and gas elite.

This is yet another effort by businessgateways to provide value-added services to the JSRS Community. Online viewing of TOGY publications comes free of cost to the JSRS Community.

JSRS Suppliers with a valid subscription can login to access TOGY’s publications.
Interested companies can register on the JSRS to access the TOGY reports.
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John Smith
Muhammad Ashhad
174 days ago
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