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businessgateways launches bidproc – an eAuction Platform

businessgateways is pleased to launch bidproc, a fully outsourced eAuction platform. bidproc enables corporate organizations to dispose and purchase assets in a transparent and compliant environment, delivering more value to Auctioneers and Bidders.

eAuctions supported by bidproc:
Excess Goods: Manufacturing Excess | Project Excess (Spares) | Stock Lots
Industrial Scrap: Manufacturing Scrap | Project Demobilization Scrap | Mixed Scrap
Used Vehicles: Fleet | Light and Heavy Vehicles
Used Equipment: Construction Equipment | Machinery | Specialized Equipment

Aligned with Oman's ICV Strategy, bidproc disburses opportunities within Oman’s SME Communities thereby supporting their Asset Building.
bidproc is an initiative by businessgateways, an ITES company successfully managing complex national-level projects in Oman.
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