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Access Madayn Projects across Oman - Ongoing Projects in Madayn

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates of Oman (Madayn), manages and operates seven industrial cities - Sur, Suhar, Raysut, Nizwa, Buraimi, Rusayl, Samail, in addition to Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) and Al Mazunah Free Zone.

Madayn have launched their Supplier Certification System on JSRS to create a pool of Madayn Certified Suppliers to play a key role in Madayn’s procurement activities. Suppliers who are interested in applying for Madayn’s Certification should be holding a valid JSRS Certification as a pre-requisite.

Madayn Certification is issued Free of Cost to JSRS Certified Buyers. Both Omani and International companies who are JSRS Certified are eligible to apply for the Certification.

Madayn Supplier Certification Process
  • JSRS Certified suppliers interested to work on projects with Madayn can apply for Madayn Certification.
  • Companies who work with Madayn or with their subsidiaries can apply for the Madayn Certification.
  • e-Certificate will be issued after successful validation by Madayn and businessgateways.
  • Certified companies will be listed on JSRS for Madayn and their subsidiaries to source for their procurement.
The Madayn Certification is a mandatory requirement to participate in procurement activities of Madayn across Oman.

For queries, kindly contact us and we shall be glad to assist you further.

Here are some projects in Madayn’s Industrial Cities, worth over OMR 60 Million.
  1. Development of Infrastructure Facilities for New Expansion of Industrial Estate at Al Buraimi. - Design stage - Location: Al Buraimi.
  2. Completion of Balance work in Sohar Industrial City Expansion – Phase 7. Construction of Compound wall, Underground and Overhead Tank. - Construction stage - Location: Sohar.
  3. Expansion of Raysut Industrial City – Raysut 2. - Construction stage - Location: Raysut.
  4. Construction of Free Zone at Mazunah - Phase 1 (Pakge2) and Phase2. - Construction stage - Location: Al Mazunah.
  5. Construction of Infrastructure at Samayel Industrial Estate. - Construction stage - Location: Samayel.
  6. Construction of Infrastructure at Samayel Industrial Estate phase 3&4. - Bidding Stage - Location: Nizwa.
  7. Construction of Infrastructure at Sur Industrial Estate. - Design stage - Location: Sur.
  8. Mahas Estate - Studies stage - Location: Khasab.
  9. Ring Road - Design stage - Location: KOM-Muscat.

Note: JSRS Certification is a pre-requisite to apply for Madayn Supply Certification for accessing procurement opportunities from Madayn's projects. JSRS is a mandatory 'single window' registration & certification system, which allows suppliers to connect with 30 JSRS Buyers, and over 900 Main Contractors & Sub Contractors across ALL industries in Oman.

Register on JSRS

Apply for Madayn Certification

For queries, please call JSRS Registration Hotline: +968 9671 3467.
WeChat ID: sh71176897
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John Smith
Al Duqum International Group LLC
1663 days ago
Good day. Kindly advise how can we participate in Madayn's ongoing and incoming projects. We are hoping to receive your valuable response. Thank you and have a great day.