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State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) joins the JSRS Buyers Community

businessgateways is pleased to welcome the State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) to the JSRS Buyers Community.

The State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), will now be utilizing JSRS Certified Suppliers for their procurement activities.

About the State General Reserve Fund
  • SGRF undertakes the investment of financial surplus forwarded to it and is the main investment arm of the Sultanate of Oman.
  • SGRF acts on behalf of the government of Oman in managing and investing the surplus achieved by the state from Oil and Gas revenues.
  • SGRF aims to achieve the best possible returns in the long-term to support the government efforts in diversifying income resources and securing returns for future generations and to achieve the balance of the supreme financial policies of the state.
  • SGRF invests mainly outside the Sultanate and plays a major role in investing inside the country directly through its subsidiaries (whether companies or establishments), and indirectly via the ownership of shareholding through its subsidiaries in other companies.
  • SGRF deals with national & international suppliers from across many domains.

JSRS Suppliers can now expect potential enquiries for procurement from SGRF.

JSRS Certification is the first step to connect with SGRF for procurement opportunities.

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