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Madayn Issues Supplier Certification Mandate

To enhance their procurement services, Madayn recently launched the Madayn Supplier Certification on the JSRS and mandated their suppliers to obtain the certificate by 1 March 2020.

A valid Madayn Supplier Certificate is now required for suppliers to:
  • Receive any contract award from Madayn
  • Receive any contract payment from Madayn

Please be informed that Madayn has set a cut-off date for using other supplier lists, which will be effective from 1 March 2020, wherein Madayn will rely on the Madayn Certified Suppliers list for any procurement.

Therefore, we urge all suppliers who have not yet been certified on Madayn Supplier Certification System to be registered and certified on Madayn Supplier Certification System before 1 March 2020, to work continue engaging with Madayn’s procurement opportunities.

Madayn have launched their Supplier Certification System on JSRS to create a pool of Madayn Certified Suppliers to play a key role in Madayn’s procurement activities. Suppliers who are interested in applying for Madayn’s Certification should hold a valid JSRS Certification as a pre-requisite.

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a 'single window' mandatory supplier certification system implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman as an industrywide procurement system. Today, the JSRS is fast becoming a National Procurement Initiative which is the primary sourcing base of Oman' s Oil & Gas and other major industries' procurement system.
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