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Effective from 16 April 2021: VAT applicable for Omani Companies

As per Oman Government Guidelines, payments made by Omani companies to JSRS or businessgateways from 16 April 2021, will be subject to Oman’s VAT of 5%.

Omani companies on JSRS, please note:
  • Payments made from 16 April 2021 by Omani companies for any services on JSRS, will be subject to VAT of 5%.
  • All unpaid Invoices from JSRS/businessgateways dated earlier than 16 April 2021 will not be valid for payment post 16 April 2021.
  • Kindly generate a new invoice to make payment from 16 April 2021 onwards.
  • Omani Suppliers who have already paid before 16 April 2021 will not be affected by this.

Please note: Omani companies who have already made the payment before 16 April 2021 do not have to pay the additional 5% VAT.

For more details or assistance, kindly contact our Accounts Support Team via email:

Please note: VAT is applicable specifically to Omani Companies registering/renewing on JSRS.

All Operators/Buyers/Contractors/Service Providers engaged in upstream and midstream businesses are advised to complete their VAT IN before 16 April 2021 and submit their JSRS Registration Certificates to the Tax Authority as part of their VAT registration. Read letter from Ministry.
VAT applies to the following services.
  • JSRS Subscription Fee
  • GCC Open Tenders Service
  • JSRS-CMS Success Fee
  • Other paid features available on JSRS

Please note: VAT is applicable specifically to Omani Companies on JSRS.

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