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INMA & businessgateways sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

To support & develop JSRS Certified SMEs on JSRS CSN.

The Oman SME Development Fund (INMA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Business Gateways International (businessgateways), with an intent to nurture & support JSRS Certified SMEs on ICV Development.

Sh. Salah Hilal Al Mawali, CEO of INMA and Mr. Hafidh Al Mahruqi, Business Development Director of businessgateways, signed this MOU on 8 February 2022, marking the launch of a joint activity between both organizations, which aims to help Omani SMEs on the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) benefit from the various nurturing, support & development initiatives of INMA. businessgateways will extensively support INMA reach out its services to deserving JSRS Certified Omani SMEs by providing an online environment of dynamic connectivity which ensures two-way visibility and connectivity between INMA and JSRS Certified Omani SMEs on the JSRS CSN.

INMA's services which cover Financial Services, Training Services (which especially include the development of SMEs for ICV opportunity readiness) & Events Services will be announced to JSRS Certified Omani SMEs. All current information related to INMA’s progress updates, upcoming events, policy announcements etc., will be available on the dashboards of concerned SMEs on the JSRS CSN.

As a Strategic Partner to INMA Events, businessgateways will promote and facilitate INMA's events on The Stage, an online knowledge-sharing platform of businessgateways.

Under this MOU, INMA will be profiled on the globeconnect initiative, hosted on, and will be provided necessary online tools to connect and interact with JSRS Certified SMEs on JSRS CSN who can also directly connect with INMA to avail their various services. Other prestigious globeconnect Partners include the Embassy of Canada, Enterprise Singapore, Department of International Trade UK and more.

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