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bidproc expands to UAE | Valmark DWC LLC

businessgateways is pleased to announce that Valmark DWC LLC is bidproc’s Partner in UAE. Companies based in UAE can now conduct state of the art, enterprise level eTendering & eAuction Events on bidproc.

About Valmark DWC LLC
Based in Dubai, Valmark is one of the stockist & supplier of Ball, Gate, Globe, Check & Butterfly Valves and Piping Materials, serving as a trusted resource for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, Power and Water industries in the Middle East.

With years of Industry experience, network and its high reputation within the Valve industry, Valmark strives to meet its clients’ ever changing needs with dependable service and expansion of product line, in order to ensure greater performance and profitability for them.

About bidproc
bidproc, driven by businessgateways, is an Oman grown integrated eTendering & eAuctions platform, supporting Omani SME Asset Building. bidproc helps in the Disposal & Purchase of: Excess Goods | Industrial Scrap | Used Vehicles | Used Equipment.

To conduct or participate in Events on bidproc, kindly Register / Login as an Events Authority (to conduct Events) or a Bidder (to participate in Events) on bidproc.

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