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Automation and LNG

In order to optimize LNG plants, OpreX profit-driven Operation, which is basically a solution for industries to promote profitability, by driving alignment along with plant management, across the organization, from operations to strategic point of views. By converging Yokogawa's OT and IT capabilities, this development was made possible.

Several performance indicators were created as a solution and were incorporated into a comprehensive dashboard and related services on the operations level for engineering and management programmes.

This process solution has been developed to optimize many aspects of LNG plant operations. As this software suite of solutions, Yokogawa offers some powerful solutions that have been developed over decades of developments and refinements.

LNG and automation go hand-in-hand today in the technology driven landscape. There are some very strong LNG players that are opting for automation with various technology companies. In the supply-chain landscape, there is much interface in technology automation and suppliers as well as consumers.

Companies like Yokogawa introduced the world's first automated procedural control solution, Exapilot in 2000. Substantial value has come in LNG plant operations ever since. For example, optimizing MCHE cool-down routines.

Sakhalin is an example of a fully-integrated LNG supply chain project, whose success depends on its successful links among each other. Here, each supply link speaks to the other without any disruptions.

The future with technologies has created a lot of growth and rapid development with major LNG players. The role of LNG is slated to further increase and improve, with meatier roles for consumers and new producers.

Japan has been a leader in utilization of LNG as a core, as a part of national energy portfolio. Yokogawa has worked closely with Japanese engineering firms to bring further development in the country's supply chain, around the world.

There is a lot to leverage in terms of experience to support avenues of re-gasification and liquefaction in projects for countries in many regions around the world, that enables top automation companies to enable some good solutions to these companies. Furthermore, many automation companies are looking to expand involvement of offshore facilities with the help of extensive domain knowledge and help customers drive efficiencies in their operations.

Researchers have received a fairly good understanding that transmission of energy will be far more efficient if the data is measured. Systems are being put in place to understand LNG production and logistics in an efficient manner, which utilizes measurement of data in real-time. LNG production plants and terminals are meant to have their own internal automation systems that transfer data automatically between different systems. This real-time data measurement and online connections help gather data in one single place. Systems are also being put in place to measure the total amount of LNG in the container real-time for energy planning and forecast. This data remains available all the way to the terminal where raw material turns to gas.Today LNG plants have many measurement and automation tools, although, a lot of gaps need to be filled in terms of complete utilization.

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