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Bringing Shipping and Marine onto the Global Map

Gecko Middle East, industrial rope access and coating solutions specialist, provides services such as mechanical works, Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT), fabric maintenance, specialised coating and waterproofing solutions. These services are delivered on both rope access and ground level. Gecko recently joined a 5,000-man strong Abu Dhabi-based National Catering Company (NCC) to expand operations in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas sectors.

​Besides NCC’s prominent presence and strong relationships in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas market and the rich experience of their management team, they found that their vision complements ours.

With ambitions to grow Gecko’s operations in the oil and gas, marine and offshore sectors, it was clear that it is a perfect partnership. They are ready to take on the all new opportunities and bigger contracts that will result from this partnership. The oil and gas market is complex to penetrate unless you come with the right combination of services, experience and relationships, which they will be able to achieve alongside NCC.

NCC has been a long-term FM and catering service provider of ADNOC with high ICV scores, which made it possible to go through with ADNOC pre-qualification process under the NCC umbrella.

Once that milestone is completed, it will lead the way for mainstream oil and gas opportunities that they are looking forward to. In addition to ADNOC, they are keeping our eyes on the upstream sectors. The conditions have not been the best in the upstream sector, but with the UAE’s objective to boost oil production, there will be a lot of investment and recovery taking place in the short term.

Since inception in 2002, Gecko’s core business has been built around industrial rope access services for civil industries and infrastructures; later in 2010, the company shifted its business model with a focus on highly specialised rope access skills such as NDT and mechanical services for the oil and gas upstream sectors.

When the upstream sectors were struggling, Gecko found it essential to establish its presence in the marine sectors by targeting shipyards across the UAE. We captured business during dry-docking by offering our skilled IRATA-certified rope access technicians who can perform NDT and mechanical jobs as well as blasting and painting. Soon after expansion of the team by adding skilled ground-level teams to supplement the rope access teams. As for sailing vessels, a riding squad was offered for the full duration of their voyage.

They are an IRATA certified operator which means they are regulated and audited by IRATA on all rope access activities. To retain membership, they adhere to their strict and comprehensive operational practices and guidelines. They also ensure daily HSE briefing routine that is site and job-specific which is documented every single day amongst many other measures. They are also ISO 14001 and 18001 certified. Additionally, they also follow the most stringent HSE standards relevant to the site we operate at.

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