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Expanding Mediterranean Energies: Fueling Regional Growth

Eastern and Southern Mediterranean deep-water discoveries have opened a new frontier for business. In the given environment there are new and exciting opportunities for oil and gas companies in order to develop and assess the opportunities this new and highly prospective region holds for the rest of the world.

It is a combination of the existing and potential resources that bring to us the opportunities to expand to the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean markets. Something that has not been explored to the fullest yet. There is a dire need to revitalize domestic consumption, bring community wealth to the rest of the world, and not to the existing coastal countries. The Mediterranean, as it was expected is fast becoming an important gas hub to export to countries like Europe and the other existing Mediterranean markets in order to maximize the usage and the infrastructure, within the region.

The natural gas, LNG combined with varied technology, will play a vital role with regards to the increasing demand for transporting the produce from this region.

The world is turning to reduced emissions and utilization of energies such as wind and solar, especially in the North African countries, who have begun to significantly contribute to the energy mix in the world. They are bringing a significant appeal for opening business avenues and also an area for the thorough know-how for the energy industry who can give a crucial contribution for lowered carbon targets.

Without a doubt, the world is dependent on deeper research and development which will act to uplift the Mediterranean region and act as a catalyst to raise it. The digital front door has been identified and now is the turn to rapidly implement the energy efficient technologies with the promise to enhance productivity and bring better competitiveness. All of this is ensured with high quality metrics with security and environmental protection.

These are a few issues that will center around OMC 2019. Discussions galore, these issues will take center stage while being at the crux of the technical sessions, discussion and also across the panels. OMC 2019 will be the platform on which rests the onus to encourage the technical and business knowledge sharing among the panelists, attendees. The participants comprise of ministers, CEOs, experts and trade professional from all around the world. This is the role that is played by OMC 2019 that has acted as a pot boiler for technological innovations and knowledge sharing since its inception.

OMC 2019 will house over 20,000 industry experts from the energy and oil and gas background, coming together from over 650 companies and 33 countries. They will dedicate their time to discuss the important themes and concerns of the industry.

businessgateways recently presented JSRS at the Offshore Mediterranean Conference 2019, Italy. Companies came forward and met with us to learn more about the benefits of JSRS Certification process and further registered with us to become JSRS Certified Supplier in order to connect with Oman's Business Action. The conference focused on the benefits of exploring potential procurement opportunities in Oman's.

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