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Earth Hour 2023: Oman's Call to Save the Planet

On the last Saturday of March, the world observes Earth Hour, a global event that aims to promote environmental consciousness and encourage everyone to make a positive impact on the planet. This year, Earth Hour 2023 is scheduled on March 25th, and Oman is taking part in this global event with much enthusiasm.

Earth Hour has gained immense significance in recent years, with the effects of climate change becoming more apparent than ever before. The event symbolises a collective effort to reduce energy consumption and spread awareness about environmental conservation. By turning off non-essential lights for one hour, individuals and communities come together to highlight the importance of sustainable practices and the need to protect the planet.

The theme for Earth Hour 2023 is "Biggest Hour for Earth," and the slogan is "Give an Hour for Earth by spending 60 minutes doing something – anything – positive for our planet." This year's theme emphasizes that even small actions can contribute to a more significant impact, making it an excellent opportunity for everyone to commit to sustainability.

In Oman, the country's leadership and people have always prioritised environmental conservation. Dr Abdullah al Omari, Head of The Environment Authority (EA), stated that "The sultanate marks Earth Hour to prioritise the importance of reducing carbon emissions for the restoration of the planet Earth." Oman's commitment to environmental conservation is not limited to Earth Hour, as the country has set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future.

Business Gateways International (BGI) is one such organisation that is aligned with Oman's vision of a sustainable future. For this year's Earth Hour, BGI has pledged to support Oman's mission to decarbonise and grow its economy by 2050. BGI aims to create a network of certified suppliers from Oman and international markets through Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), who can contribute to Oman's Energy Transition.

BGI invites everyone to join the greatest initiative to save the planet and save ourselves and other living beings. Small actions, such as turning off lights for an hour or adopting sustainable practices, can have a considerable impact in creating a sustainable future. By taking part in Earth Hour, we can come together to create a more sustainable world and contribute towards Oman's vision of a sustainable future.
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