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Welcome to EMBASSY OF CANADA The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) provides its clients with practical advice on foreign markets and on-the-ground intelligence to help them make better, more timely and cost-effective decisions in order to achieve their goals abroad.
Trade commissioners offer services across a wide range of trade sectors, to those members of the Canadian business community who contribute to Canada's economic growth, have a demonstrated capacity for internationalization and have good potential to add value to the Canadian economy.
The Trade Commissioner Service promotes Canada's economic interests in global markets by engaging in a range of activities including:
- contributing to export market development
- conducting advocacy and foreign market access activities
- understanding and analyzing trade policy
- attracting foreign investment to Canada
- developing a network of international business contacts
- identifying and communicating business leads
- fostering strategic alliances
- linking Canadian businesses to global value chains
- supporting licensing and venture capital linkages
- promoting joint-venture partnering and foreign equity investment
- facilitating R&D collaboration and technology transfer
- promoting corporate social responsibility
- facilitating Canadian direct investment abroad
TCS policies and guidelines are focused on TCS clients; Canadian companies that have studied and chosen their target markets. Trade commissioners also engage with other key contacts and in a number of additional value-added proactive functions. It is one of the TCS’s objectives to ensure that all trade commissioners find the time to be proactive in their markets to network locally and gather the market intelligence needed to provide high-quality key services. That is why the TCS is offering a set of four consistent key services and communicating more effectively to its clients.
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