COVID-19 Impact on Oman's Business & ICV

Webinar Overview

The Stage webinar on COVID-19 Impact on Oman's Business & ICV, conducted on 17 June 2020 as part of our webinar series: Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19, was attended by JSRS Community and other organizations across Oman. Special thanks to Ghassan Bait. Bin Saleem and Jamil Al Riyami from Daleel Petroleum, for presenting an insightful webinar on current Market Dynamics and Procurement trend during COVID-19.

  • Discussion Stream: Business Opportunities
  • Topic: Doing Business in Oman: COVID-19
  • Speaker: Ghassan Bait. Bin Saleem, Senior In-Country Value Analyst
    Jamil Al Riyami, Contracts & Procurement Manage
  • Date: 17 June 2020

Webinar Highlights

In the one-hour webinar, Ghassan Bait. Bin Saleem and Jamil Al Riyami spoke on Oman’s ICV for Supplier Development, Market Dynamics & Impact on Procurement. The webinar was divided into two broad topics, Market Dynamics & Impact on 2020 during COVID-19 & Impact on Procurement with O&G Operators of Oman, and offered insights on:

  • How businesses are adapting to the new reality
  • The impact of the current situation on Procurement & Spend
  • How are companies were embracing new Opportunities
  • Disruptions and mitigations across the Supply Chain
  • Strategies opted by companies to weather this present pandemic
  • A brief on what to expect in the days to come, across business landscapes spanning Oman and the world.
Daleel Petroleum

About Daleel Petroleum

Daleel Petroleum is one of the leading oil producers in Oman. It is a growing company that has built an exceptionally good foundation of ever more efficient production, use of latest technology, ethical business, and social responsibility. Daleel Petroleum is also an Oil & Gas Operator on the JSRS, interested suppliers must register on JSRS to connect with Daleel Petroleum

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