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As a SME or Corporate, your primary goal is to market your organisation and the Products and Services you represent to the best of your ability. Conventional Sales campaigns require big budgets, and geographical representation in order to be seen and make a connection with the prospective customer or buyer base and thereby translate it into an impact on your sales. The NBF is a cost-effective way to transform your business sales to the National Markets by positioning yourself on this Platform and be seen by the right kind of audience at both national and international levels. Selling on the e-Marketplace isn't a passive Yellow Pages model. Instead, the NBF provides for a large array of Core Services that proactively drives your Sales Team to get the most of its integration on the e-Marketplace.

What are the main benefits you get to support you as a Seller?

  • First and foremost is the Exhaustive Profiling System of your Company with a powerful inbuilt Content Management System. This Profile Management System not only positions your business on the structured classification, sector or location for Biz Search, but also provides for complete multimedia based Support Collateral of your company profile and brochures. Every Product and Service that you would like to connect to the e-Marketplace is done through a world standard UNSPSC Coding Structure that links your Product or Service to the last detail of classification. Further to that, each item is also given a detailed Catalog Management System to highlight its detail.
  • This Profile forms the basis of your Visibility structure on your platform. The Profile created can also be published as an 'External Link' through a businessgateways generated URL. This External Link can be doubled as your Website content as well.
  • You can Link your Buyer Criteria to certain key fields and use that to integrate a consistent Search mechanism on your prospective Buyers
  • Tools such as 'Sales Management System' helps you to connect your existing customers to your network and keep them informed on regular updates and events for better customer retention
  • Obtain real time Tender and Project Feeds based on the nature of business you are in. You can map your entire Sales Department to the Tenders and Project Feeds you will receive and proactively handle them
  • Connect with your prospective Buyers and Customers through email and chat mechanisms online
  • Obtain structured Services on the Platform from various Sector Partners
  • Connect with Business Support Organisations such as Telecom, Finance to manage your business better
  • Collaborate within your Sales Department on specific Tenders, Events, Products / Services or Customer Companies using Biz Hub