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Inviting Omani companies to the 'India-Oman Skill Development Conclave' on 8 July 2018

The Embassy of India, Muscat proudly presents the 'India-Oman Skill Development Conclave', in collaboration with Indio-Oman Business Forum (IOBF).
When : Sunday, 8 July 2018
Time : 6 PM
Venue : Premises of Indian Embassy in Diplomatic Enclave, Al Khuwair, Muscat

Leveraging India's capabilities and expertise in the training and development of manpower, this conclave brings together the opportunity to enhance the cooperation between India and Oman. It paves the way for India and Oman to build cooperation with countries on imminent issues of train-the-trainers, skill development and building centres of excellence.

At the above Conclave, Indian companies will introduce themselves and inform the participants from Oman about various areas of training offered by them, their training centres in India, relevance of their training courses for Oman and the possibilities for introducing those training courses in Oman. The Conclave will also provide an opportunity for one-to-one interaction between the participating Indian and Omani companies.

To know more about the participating companies and to fix a meeting in advance, write to or call +968 2468 4559.
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