FAQ for Oman B2B Companies Registration on JSRS - Oil & Gas Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NBF?
    Answer : National Business Framework (NBF) is a network of National and International companies. It's a valuable B2B Stimulation platform where companies can seamlessly connect with each other to address their purchase, sales, marketing and recruitment.
  • What is JSRS?
    Answer : The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is the In-Country Value (ICV) initiative of the Oman Oil and Gas Industry and is spearheaded by the Ministry of Oil and Gas in association with BGI (Business Gateways International) and all the major Operator Companies of Oil & Gas established in Oman.
  • What is the need for JSRS?
    Answer : The JSRS is envisioned as a mandatory need of the entire Oman Oil & Gas Industry in order to make the Supplier Registration Process simple and effective by creating a common pool of registered suppliers that can be tapped into by all the major Oil and Gas Operator companies for their Procurement needs.
  • What is the difference between NBF and JSRS?
    Answer : The National Business Framework (NBF) is the Foundation Platform for the JSRS and enables National and International Suppliers to be engaged with the business action in Oman. The NBF provides for the Suppliers online presence, integrate with the value chain of Oman's business and strengthen their Supply Chain and Sales mechanisms. The NBF is related to all Sectors and Businesses.
    The JSRS is a specific Oil & Gas Vertical Platform that sits on top of the NBF. The JSRS addresses the core needs of the Oil & Gas Operators Community by bringing on board all the approved Suppliers who pass the Oil & Gas Validation process and provide for a continuous connectivity between Operators and Suppliers for ongoing procurement and tenders opportunities.
  • What are the Objectives of JSRS?
    Answer :
    • Create an online platform of Validated Suppliers (National and International)
    • Connect to all the validated supplier to major Oil and Gas Operating companies in Oman.
    • Provide suppliers with an online mechanism to keep their data updated and monitored.
    • Enable Operators to 'Seek and Identify' prospective Suppliers on the JSRS platform for their individual procurement needs.
    • Create the In-Country Value (ICV) environment for Suppliers who will be monitored regularly on their ICV Performance.
    • Improve Supplier performance by providing them access to crucial services on the NBF Platform to strengthen their own Supply Chain and Partnerships.
  • Once we join NBF, do we get automatic approval to JSRS?
    Answer : No. The NBF is a general platform supporting your company's online presence and pre check your readiness to the JSRS Platform. Connectivity to the JSRS Platform is entirely subject to your organization passing the detailed Validation Process on JSRS.
  • What is the Role of businessgateways on JSRS?
    Answer : Business Gateways International (BGI) is an Omani Organization appointed by the ICV Committee of Oil and Gas Operators and the Oman Ministry of Oil and Gas to develop, implement and manage the entire JSRS Platform.
    All National and International suppliers who are interested in connecting to the Operators through JSRS will be supported and validated by businessgateways before being approved to connect on the JSRS.
  • What is JSRS certificate?
    Answer : The JSRS Certificate is awarded to the suppliers who are approved on the JSRS Platform after passing a Validation Process. This Certificate is a Mandatory prerequisite for Suppliers wanting to connect to the Oman Oil & Gas Industry.
    The JSRS Certificate enhances the credibility and authentication of your company as an approved supplier of Oman's Oil & Gas Industry.
  • How soon can we connect to the JSRS?
    Answer : That depends on two factors such as completion of profile management and Validation Process of JSRS and its approval.
  • What is Supplier Validation Form (SVF)?
    Answer : Supplier Validation Form (SVF) is a vital form to be filled by the suppliers as part of the Validation Process (Tier 2) that lead to the JSRS Certification.
    BGI's Validation process is on a First Come First Serve basis subject to proper documents and information submittal.
    It is very important that you keep all your critical documents such as Company Registration, Chamber of Commerce, and Municipality Agreements updated regularly in SVF since such data validity is monitored and brought to the notice of Oil and Gas Operators
  • When should we renew the JSRS Subscription?
    Answer : The JRS Subscription is valid for the specified period as provided in the JSRS Certificate and needs to be renewed before (or) on expiry of the Subscription.
    The Online Subscription Renewal Form is enabled throughout the Subscription period which enable subscribers to RENEW anytime. On expiry, it continues to remain active for a grace period of 30 days following which the Subscription automatically terminates if it isn't renewed by then.
  • How do we Renew the JSRS Certificate & Subscription?
    Answer : You can view your JSRS Subscription information highlighting the current Subscription fee and validity at the Settings/Account details page on your Dashboard.
    You may click on the Subscription Alert notification at the top of the Dashboard screen and commence the Renewal process and it includes:
    • Filling the JSRS Subscription Renewal Form
    • Generating Invoice
    • Transacting payment
  • What are the consequences of not renewing our JSRS Certificate & Subscription?
    Answer : The JSRS Certification and valid Subscription is a mandatory requirement by the Oman's Ministry of Oil & Gas in order to connect with the Procurement Opportunities within 19 Oil & Gas Operators in Oman.
    Once your company's JSRS Certificate Validity & Subscription expires:
    • You will no longer be included in the 'Active' Supplier list of Operators in their Sourcing process.
    • You will no longer be eligible to obtain any contract within the Oil & Gas Operators even if you win a bid.
    • All related services of NBF and JSRS will be terminated.
    • Your company data will be erased from the JSRS.
  • My JSRS Certificate and Subscription have already expired and the grace period has lapsed as well. Can we still renew?
    Answer : You may but there is no guarantee that all your data is still with us. So please contact jsrsrenewal@businessgateways.com for the process of re-registering / renewing.
  • How do we get a notification about my JSRS Expiry date?
    Answer : When you login with your JSRS credentials, you get a pop up notification to renew your subscription. Regular reminder mails are also sent before the expiry date. Your JSRS Certificate also reflects the Validity date.
  • What are the Pricing Policies for Suppliers?
    Answer : The Subscription Fee to join the NBF and JSRS Platforms is dependent on factors such as National or International origin.
  • Do we need to pay separately for NBF and JSRS Platforms?
    Answer : No. A single payment is sufficient to gain access to the NBF and JSRS Platforms.
  • Who are the Oil & Gas Operating Companies using the JSRS?
    Answer :
    • MOL OMAN B.V. OMAN BRANCH, Member of MOL Group
  • How many users from our company can be connected to the JSRS?
    Answer : The NBF enables you to create up to 50 users per company on the platform.
    You can manage user rights through the Admin Panel of the Admin User. For further more additional user access you can contact our support team.
  • We are interested in joining the JSRS to connect with the Oil & Gas Operators. What is the Registration Process?
    Answer : The Registration Process is as follows:
    Phase - 1: Connectivity to Oman National Business Framework
    • You will need to fill and submit the online JSRS Registration Form.
    • After completion of registration, an order confirmation mail will be sent to your registered mail id.
    • On acceptance, an Admin User Name and Password will be sent to your registered mail id.
    • Login with the given Admin user name and Password to submit profile for Tier 1 validation and to complete payment process.
    • businessgateways shall validate Tier 1 process on successful payment and send you an approval notification with supplier code.
    • Now you will receive Tier 1 access with NBF dashboard to get connected with JSRS.
    Phase - 2: Connectivity to JSRS (JSRS Certification)
    • businessgateways shall provide access to Supplier Validation Form (SVF)to connect to the JSRS Platform.
    • The supplier can login to the dashboard, and it is required to fill mandatory documents in the Supplier Validation Form (SVF).
    • After the submission of document in Validation Form your account will be validated individually and approved for
      Tier 2 access.
    • On approval, you will be issued JSRS certification and access JSRS platform (Tier 2)
  • As an International company wanting to join the Oman JSRS, what is the Registration Process?
    Answer : The Process for International companies is mostly the same as that of the National companies. You will first integrate your presence on the Oman National Business Framework and then be taken through the Validation process before being approved to join the JSRS.
  • We are already registered with the Ministry of Oil & Gas or some of the Operators in Oman. Do we still need to be registered on the JSRS?
    Answer : Yes. The JSRS is a 'Single Window Registration Process' for the Ministry of Oil and Gas and all the Operators to look for Suppliers. Hence all previously Registered Suppliers with other Operators are expected to be once again Registered, Validated and Connected on the JSRS.
  • What are the mode of payment methods available?
    Answer : To process your subscription, there are two modes of payment available in our system:
    • Online Payment
    • Offline Payment
    Online Payment:
    The JSRS Subscription payment can be done online through the Payment Gateway of Bank Muscat hosted on the JSRS. You can pay through Credit/Debit cards. Please visit the Payment Page for further information.
    It is important that your Credit / Debit Cards are '3D Secure' approved before it can be used on our System.
    Offline Payment:
    There are many ways to process your Offline payment. The mode of payment to process are,
    • Cheque or Cash Deposit
    • Bank Transfer
    You may need to upload the Proof of Payment (Bank Receipt / Deposit Slip) on the Payment Page for further processing by Business Gateways International (BGI)
  • If we have any queries and requests regarding JSRS, whom should we contact for JSRS Support?
    Answer : You may contact businessgateways office on
    +968 24166100 or +968 24166123
    Or email us at: jsrs@businessgateways.com
    You can come through our Live Chat window