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globeconnect FAQs

  • What is globeconnect?

    globeconnect is an exciting initiative addressing the needs of international community to enhance B2B action between Oman and the other Nations. Designed to foster B2B relations and driven by businessgateways - Oman, globeconnect is an online engagement model aimed at furthering trade and investment-related B2B interactions between Omani & the International business communities.

  • How does globeconnect work?

    The globeconnect initiative aims to integrate business opportunities between nations through a mutually beneficial success and growth model. And we achieve this by incorporating the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) - a unique network consisting of thousands of best-of-breed credibility-verified Omani companies, who are certified suppliers playing an active role in the Procurement action in Oman.

    These companies are ‘business-ready’ and are constantly looking out for opportunities to foster Partnerships in Trade & Investment, Knowledge Transfer, and Export Operations.

  • What does globeconnect offer?

    globeconnect offers,

    • A secure platform that brings together credible and Interested companies across nations seeking to partner with Omani companies on trade and investment
    • A catalyst tool for national representative organizations and associations wanting to foster business relations
    • Drive Distribution Networks, Project Consortium Partnerships, Investment Relationships and Export Opportunities to a new level of confidence between Omani and their nation’s business communities

    Read our brochure to know more about what globeconnect offers

  • Who can join as a globeconnect Partner?

    We welcome international and national representative organizations based in Oman or anywhere else in the world seeking to engage with Oman’s business community for Trade and Investment-related benefits.

    Any worldwide entity who are:

    • National Trade & Export
    • Business Communities Representative organizations
    • Commercial & Trade Associations
    • Investment Authorities
    • Trade & Investment Departments of International Embassies
  • What are the benefits to being a globeconnect Partner?

    A registered globeconnect Partner can avail the following benefits:

    Enhanced Visibility

    By setting their profile on globeconnect, Partners can stay visible to credible JSRS Community for potential business engagements, enabling connectivity and B2B Engagement and promoting their business interest to the JSRS Community.

    Connect Engagement

    globeconnect Partners can obtain trade & Investment enquiries, seek, and identify companies, gain information, host presentations and access opportunities.

    B2B Cloud Networking

    The B2B Cloud Networking Events in globeconnect are specifically tailormade events that bring together like-minded International Guest companies wanting to establish Trade and Investment Partnerships with Omani Companies.

  • How can one become a globeconnect Partner?

    globeconnect Partner Model is a Subscription based system that provides a simple and flexible model for Partners who can select their subscription status based on their objectives and intensity of engagement. You can open your business channel on globeconnect for free by opting for the Bronze Plan. To engage proactively and more effectively on globeconnect, you can consider the Silver or Gold Plan.

    You can read more about the subscription plans in the globeconnect brochure.

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