December 2021 Newsletter

December Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the JSRS Newsletter: December 2021

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Over the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our world in ways never seen before. But as the saying goes – ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’, we at businessgateways have decided to weather the COVID-19 storm by pulling out all the stops and continuing to deliver what we set out to do, providing our clients with that layer of business connectivity and support.

Although we have grown accustomed to long periods of social distancing, we have all invested in maintaining strong relations with our clients and with one another. This year we continued to work on strengthening our client relations by rising to meet, and in some case exceed, the client’s expectations. In doing so, we have managed to hit a couple of prominent milestones along the way. In our December edition of the JSRS monthly Newsletter we look back on the past events, achievements and the journey so far. Scroll down to read this year’s highlights.

Next year, we intend to explore new avenues and bring forth systems that facilitate systematic interactions with our clients around the globe. As always, businessgateways is standing by to support you in every way that we can.

JSRS Happenings

New entrants on the JSRS

In 2021, the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) grew tenfold with new Suppliers, Operators and Buyers joining us. With our community growing every year, we are shedding light on the new entrants who have joined JSRS this year.

Buyers Community

The JSRS Buyers Community is a highly reputed group of organizations consisting of all the Oil & Gas Operators, Other Industry Buyers, Contractors, EPCs across Oman. In 2021, we welcomed MAHA Energy (Oman) LTD (Production Company focused on Enhanced Oil Recovery), Petrogas Rima LLC (a company that operates in the Oil & Gas Production, Extraction & Refining Services Sector), Vodafone Oman (a technology company that embraces Oman’s 2040 Vision and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) and Schlumberger (a technology company that partners with customers to access energy) to the JSRS Buyers Community. To date, we have 20+ Oil & Gas Operators and 10+ Other Industry Buyers. Explore the JSRS Buyers Community

JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN)

In 2021, we welcomed over 800+ Certified Suppliers on JSRS from Oman and around the world. Here is a pie-chart that offers a Sector-wise breakdown of the Certified Suppliers who joined us this year. Congratulations to the companies who have recently joined the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN). Engage with JSRS CSN
JSRS Certified Supplier Network (JSRS CSN)

JSRS Search Statistics

The JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) consists of thousands of potential Clients, Suppliers and Partners who could be looking at your company for business opportunities, partnerships etc. This year, over 10,000+ searches have been made for products and services on the JSRS. Here is a look at the top five Products/Services searches made by the JSRS Buyers, Operators and the JSRS CSN in 2021.

Our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of Quality got recognized with our ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

Oman Business Happenings

Current Projects on the Market

Browse through the various upcoming projects and tenders that are being floated by JSRS Buyers Community, EPCs and Contractors. Explore News Snippets

Oman Flag

ICV (In-Country Value) Speaks

A look at a couple of ICV-related initiatives we took up in 2021

In-Country Value (ICV) and JSRS

The JSRS is a key enabler of Oman’s In-Country Value (ICV) initiative, supporting Omani Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Local Community Contractors (LCCs) with equal opportunities. The JSRS platform implements and enforces MSME Spend Obligations and award transparency across strategic projects by prioritizing the Oman-First growth strategy. Read More


Enabling ICV through SME/LCC Obligation Based Contract Opportunities

The JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS), is a special initiative by the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals, to offer Equal Opportunities to Omani SMEs/LCCs, during the process of dispersing ICV based Obligation Contract Awards. The JSRS-CMS is a one-stop platform integrating Supplier Sourcing, Response, Award & Tracking of the entire Project’s/Contract’s Supply Chain. 

In 2021, the JSRS-CMS facilitated over 140 tendering events as part of the SME & LCC Obligation management within the Oil & Gas and Other Industries in Oman.

Explore the JSRS Contracts Management System

The Stage

The Stage is a hi-value initiative by businessgateways providing a virtual platform to share and present various topics for the benefit of the JSRS Community. In 2021, The Stage hosted various webinars and B2B Events that focused on bringing Oman’s SME/LCCs to the forefront. One such event was titled ‘Enabling SME / LCC Opportunities (ICV) on JSRS Project: PDO USD 4 Billion Service Contracts’ which presented views on Procurement opportunities in Oman and focused on the SME/LCC Obligation opportunities available as part of the In-Country Value (ICV) initiative on the JSRS. Read More
The Stage Logo

Happenings @ businessgateways

Some of the key moments in 2021

MBPS logo

MB Petroleum Services LLC joined as Auctioneer on bidproc

We were pleased to welcome MB Petroleum Services LLC (Gulf Drilling LLC) as an Auctioneer on bidproc. bidproc, driven by businessgateways, is an Oman grown online Events (eAuction and eTendering) platform, supporting Omani SME Asset Building. Read More

New Mandate on Supplier Certification

The Oman Ministry of Energy & Minerals has recently Mandated, with effect from 1 July 2021, that all Suppliers who participate in any bidding activities floated by the Oil & Gas Operators and Concession Companies, must hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate. Contractors and Suppliers who are awarded Contracts and POs must hold an ACTIVE JSRS Certificate during the entire tenure of the Contract.

Read More

JSRS Certificate

OCCI signed Memorandum of Cooperation with businessgateways

On 30 November 2021, businessgateways’ Chairman Sh. Mohamed Al Mamari and the Chairman of OCCI, His Excellency Redha Al Saleh signed the Strategic Partnership aimed towards supporting Omani SMEs develop their businesses in local & global markets. Read More

Carillion Alawi LLC joined as Auctioneer on bidproc

We were pleased to welcome Carillion Alawi LLC as an Auctioneer on bidproc. Interested companies can register as a Bidder on bidproc, an Oman grown online Events (eAuction and eTendering) platform, to participate in eAuctions conducted by Carillion Alawi LLC.

Read More

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Meet our Champions at businessgateways

In this section, we are bringing our staff to the spotlight, highlighting their roles and how they have helped in bringing businessgateways to where it stands today. This month we would like to introduce you to:

Layth khamis Al Mandhari

Senior Executive – HR & Admin

Layth khamis Al Mandhari is our Senior Executive – HR & Admin at businessgateways (Oman). His role involves recruiting, interviewing, managing and maintaining employee relations, tracking employee performance and administrative coordination. Al Mandhari helps ensure effective workflow in the office by offering his support and listening to employee problems and complaints, ensuring their problems are raised if required to concerned Department/Individual.

We would like to thank Layth khamis Al Mandhari for his time and contribution in providing a great experience to employees. Kudos to Al Mandhari, our businessgateways Champion!

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“JSRS is absolutely very good tool to identify potential agents throughout Oman. It has helped us to identify end users & requirements as well as helped to grab the order during breakthrough.”



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