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National Business Framework (NBF)


The National Business Framework (NBF) from businessgateways is a 'B2B stimulation' platform. Started in 2011, today the NBF has 9,000+ credibility-verified companies across 100+ countries and forms the foundation platform of the Oman Procurement system - JSRS. Equipped with multiple proactive B2B tools, the NBF is a simple way where users of a single company can connect with each other or with users of other companies across far geographical borders with equal ease. The NBF is a great way to increase business opportunities or identify potential business partners across credible markets through its powerful search and identify options.

NBF Features
GCC Tenders

GCC Tenders

businessgateways, in its continuous efforts to add more value to its suppliers now offers Open Tenders Service across ALL industries from the GCC countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Search for right opportunities and explore those that interest you, saving a lot of time while expanding your business interests. You can access these tenders when you are registered on JSRS. Subscribe now and receive GCC tenders to your registered email ID.

NBF Buyers

NBF Buyers

Buyers, as the term suggests are those who source the best of offers from suppliers. NBF Buyers have access to 9,000+ validated global suppliers who offer over 100,000+ validated products and services. NBF Buyers can easily select suppliers according to multiple criteria, and directly post their Tenders / RFXs to them. They can receive enquiries, bids and if needed, even conduct an auction before awarding the contract. What's more, the awarded contract can be tracked to the last level of vendor in the whole supply chain. Now, the NBF is not just a business identification system, but a full-fledged procurement system too.

NBF Sellers

NBF Sellers

NBF Suppliers are credibility-validated companies, who can put up 1000s of products and services for the visibility of NBF Buyers. An easily manageable mini website for each supplier ensures the company's profile, products and services are kept updated at all points of time, ensuring maximum visibility to right viewers. Since the sole purpose of the NBF is business stimulation, NBF Suppliers receive a direct feed of Tender Intimations from ALL Industries across the GCC countries. And they also receive RFX and other procurement requests from NBF Buyers. Features like 'Lookout' ensure that the product you are selling or searching for will be intimated to you when it is made available at a point of time in future.

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The NBF, on the go!

The NBF app is downloadable FREE on Google Play or App Store.

Just install it and sign in with your NBF credentials and stay connected to the business action. Discussion, Biz Hub, Tenders, Chat, Mail, Biz Search and more, gives you the edge to check on your business as it happens, on the go.

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OBG and TOGY Reports

Online Market Reports

In an effort to add value to our JSRS Supplier Community and stakeholders, businessgateways has signed strategic alliances with Oxford Business Group (OBG), The Energy Year (TEY) and The Business Year (TBY) to deliver internationally acclaimed intelligence on markets based on sectors and countries. These reports will be very helpful when you are expanding into a new country or business sector and wish to understand the economic or market climate.

JSRS Suppliers can now access these market reports online by logging on to their NBF dashboard.

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Receive Open Tenders from GCC Countries

businessgateways, in its continuous efforts to add value to its suppliers now offers Open Tenders Service across ALL industries from the GCC countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Search for the right opportunities and explore those that interest you, saving a lot of time while expanding your business interests. You can access these tenders when you are registered on JSRS. Subscribe now and receive GCC tenders to your registered email ID.

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What Our JSRS Suppliers Say

Here is what our registered suppliers say about JSRS.


Bhola Engineers Pvt.Ltd (India)

Sohel Bhola (CEO & Managing Director)
"JSRS is absolutely very good tool to identify potential agents throughout Oman. It has helped us to identify end users & requirements as well as helped to grab the order during breakthrough."


Mohammed Yaseen (Key Account Executive)
"My experience in working with JSRS was very much a positive one. The organization and its people extremely organized and communicate the needs of their clients in a professional manner. Their commitment to creating a win for all involved is something we appreciate as a customer. Thank you for making the registration process a very pleasant experience."


"The JSRS system is easy to register and the JSRS Team supported us through every step of the registration process for our company."


"JSRS is a wonderful platform to network, connect, collaborate and win contracts from any company across the Sultanate of Oman. It also promotes ICV (In-Country Value), preferring and benefiting the local Omani companies over foreign companies. It is mandatory that every company in Oman be registered on JSRS to make the best use of being online, gaining high visibility and a chance to showcase your products. I wish JSRS and its team the best of luck moving forward in finding and highlighting companies that offer high-quality services in our country."


Said Al Tobi (OWNER)
"Thank you for offering training and taking honest efforts in upgrading the system to accommodate companies like ours on the JSRS platform. We at Golden Gate Bridge Services, appreciate your support and stand by your idea of developing local companies (SMEs) in Oman."


Mohammed Iqbal Karim Juma Halani (MANAGING DIRECTOR)
"It is indeed our pleasure to register with JSRS and get connected with potential Clients all over Sultanate of Oman to render our services with a new concept of Repair & Maintenance for all kinds of Industrial Electronics specifically related to Automation Industries."
Vision Engineering


Khalil Akhtar (Survey Manager )
"We would like to thank JSRS for its useful website and providing us with a lot of information for business and contact."

Assil Decoration (LEBANON)

"It has been our pleasure working with you, in which all the services were great and satisfying. During our establishment period, all the relations were good and seemed rigid. It has been great working with you, and we hope to work with you more in the future."

Crimson Petroleum Services LLC (OMAN)

"We thank you for cooperating with us! We have been using the JSRS since 2014, and we find that it is very useful to connect with new customers. We also get many tenders, so we know the business opportunities in the market. I would recommend all companies to make use of the JSRS. We are a JSRS Certified company; we are getting good enquiries for our Oil & Gas services/products from many O&G Operators and other companies too. It is a good initiative in Oman by the Ministry of Oil & Gas, and it supports small companies like us well."

Aramex Muscat L.L.C. (OMAN)

Houssam Khattab (Sales Manager)
"JSRS system manage to put all the oil & Gas sector under one umbrella and it helped us in participating in Tenders."

Engineering & Development Group (OMAN)

Abdul Majid Nahas (Business Development Manager)
"JSRS is a powerful tool that integrates all levels of products and services into one great platform. It is very easy to use and service received is excellent. The Oil & Gas sector is greatly benefited by this tool to ensure a single approval process is in place for all operators that ensure suppliers have a one stop shop to promote their offerings."

Dohat Al Khaleej L.L.C. (OMAN)

Ali.M.Ghori (Executive Business Development)
"We are really pleased to submit our heartiest evaluation on JSRS operations and its team.First of all this is a pleasure working with JSRS portal and its team. JSRS has helped us to build our clients in a massive way among Oil & Gas industry. We have started receiving a lot of enquiries due to our registration in JSRS. We get recognized in most of the bigger tenders due to JSRS registrations. About the JSRS Team, I would like to recommend them on a very high note on assisting us always. They have been so kind and helpful each time we have called them for any assistance."

International Integrated Solutions (OMAN)

Marwan Mohammed Alzakwani (Co Founder & General Manager)
"I personally feel that JSRS is a crucial business link, and since the day we registered in JSRS, the team of businessgateways showed persistence in providing full support. Their response time to any enquiry is super astonishing and they have supported us on many occasions regarding our setup."

Out Look General Trading (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

Shah Navas Kochi (Project Manager)
"Excellent service and support delivered by JSRS Team. Your precision in evaluation to the details were impressive in order to have the right qualitative supply chain in the Country. Your contribution of this service is appreciated and would look forward for the future assessments to be fulfilled with similar approach and cooperation."

Safezone Oil & Gas Field Supply And Services L.L.C. (OMAN)

Venu G Nair (Marketing Manager)
"We appreciate the facilities provided by businessgateways and are pleased to inform that we received work orders through JSRS. It is a useful platform to get in touch with Government, Non-Government and big Corporate houses to get new enquiries, ideas and explore new horizons. Keep it up!"

HB Laboratories SDN BHD (MALAYSIA)

Noraida Noordine (Business Support Manager)
"The system is very active - we see many tender announcements regarding Oman. Anyhow some are not related with our company's business nature at the current moment.But our company foresees future business by marketing our company name in JSRS and by introducing our company as an international player."


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