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ORPIC floats tender for flare gas recovery project

Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries Company SAOC (ORPIC), the Sultanate’s refining and petrochemicals flagship, has invited qualified international contractors to bid for its contract for the implementation of a Flare Gas Recovery System at the Sohar refinery.
The multimillion dollar project will enable ORPIC to recover and process waste hydrocarbon gases into valuable fuel gas for use in the plant’s refining operations.
“The use of Flare Gas Recovery system (FGRS) in the facility will provide the dual benefits of energy conservation and emissions abatement by recovering, instead of flaring, process vent gases,” the wholly government-owned company said.
According to ORPIC, the successful bidder will be awarded a contract for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) of a state-of-the-art Flare Gas Recovery unit. Basic engineering for the plant has already been undertaken by John Zink, a US based firm specialising in the design and manufacture of emissions control and clean-air combustion systems.
The investment is part of an array of far-reaching initiatives rolled out by ORPIC to help mitigate impacts to the environment from its operations in Sohar.
Following a comprehensive assessment carried out by the Sohar Environmental Unit (SEU) — part of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, as many as 19 projects were identified to help address environment-related impacts stemming from ORPIC’s refining operations at Sohar. These impacts were associated with wastewater treatment, odour nuisance, flare emissions, sulphur dioxide emissions, industrial waste, and fugitive emissions.
As a result of ORPIC’s environmental improvement programme, gas flaring has been reduced by 60 per cent since 2010, and is now being targeted for complete recovery and reuse as fuel gas. Sulphur dioxide emissions have also been cut by 80 per cent since 2012.
Steam-assisted smokeless flaring also ensures the safe disposal of gases from the plants during emergency situations.
ORPIC has set September 5, 2016 as the deadline for the submission of commercial and technical bids for the flare gas recovery contract. A site visit is also scheduled on August 17.

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