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Seven Seas Petroleum new facility in Barka aims at boosting ICV

Seven Seas Petroleum LLC, major Omani oil and gas supporting company which has diversified interests in petrochemicals, power, water and wastewater, cement, and EPC contractors serving these industry segments, has opened its John Crane Seal Service facility in Barka aiming at enhancing its ICV contribution. Located at the Barka Industrial Area, the mechanical service workshop was opened by Amran al Mahrubi, Technical Director at PDO. The facility aims to provide better services to its vast clientele on a regular basis with two mechanical engineers and a number of technicians, according to the Business Development Manager. “Our new facility will add value to the country, by providing high quality quick turnaround refurbishment of mechanical seals and systems for our customers which include PDO, OSY and Orpic which look for high quality measures and since our facility is audited and supervised by John Crane, one can rest assured that high-quality standard will be provided”, Harith al Sulaimany, BDM of the company told the Observer.

Seven Seas Petroleum LLC provides vital services to the Oman oil and gas industry, assisting local and multinational oil companies to enhance, maintain and successfully manage their businesses in Oman while consistently applying the newest available technology and providing an especially high quality of service.
“This facility basically aims at enhancing ICV and creating jobs and supporting local services. Since the jobs are ongoing as mechanical seals can often break or leak from time to time and this facility will only get momentum by the day”, said Shuayb al Sulaimany, Vice Chairman and Managing Director.

He added that the company has been providing Oman’s oil producers and related government institutions with cutting-edge technology in oil field instrumentation and mechanical equipment, from some of the world’s leading manufacturing brands.

“We have always been at the forefront of adding ICV and hence, we have always made use of local workforce wherever it is required. This facility is the realisation of the long-standing demand from our clientele to have some service facility in one of the most prospering areas of Oman, that is Barka”, Shrikant Joglekar, Executive Director of Seven Seas said, adding that they expect to increase the number of Omani engineers and technicians to 10 in a few months as the seal population is increasing and customers are always seeking to have local service.
He further said that this new facility is the 3rd one, but second in Oman. SS has another facility in Dubai while in Sohar Seven Seas is setting up a new joint venture project with Borets from Russia for electrical submersible service.

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