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PDO hosts Omani translators forum

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) yesterday staged the ‘Omani Translators Forum’, bringing together professional translators from various organisations to discuss and debate themes relevant to their profession.

The forum, which was held at PDO’s Knowledge World Centre in Al Qurum, seeks to establish a common platform for young Omani translators to connect, network and share practical experiences and knowledge in their respective fields. It also aims to build a solid foundation for the Omani translation community.
Prominent figures in the translation and cultural domain attended the event, among them the Chairman of the Literary Forum, Khamis al Adawi, and Chairman of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati, Said al Saqlawi.

The PDO Translation team staged the event as part of its continued endeavours to build a centre of excellence for translation services and skills and to share knowledge with fellow Omani translators.
Five working papers were presented dealing with various subjects related to translation, including: “Translation Business: Opportunities and Challenges”, “The Experience of Compiling a Parliamentary Dictionary” and “Translating for Astronomy”.

Speaking on the sideline of the event, Al Adawi praised the PDO Translation team for taking the initiative saying: “I am delighted to be among the participants in this forum. Certainly sharing knowledge and expertise in translation is crucial to translators to hone their skills so as to enable them to tackle thematic subjects.”
PDO is believed to be the first company in Oman to issue a bilingual newsletter which was titled “PDO News” and now publishes two regular magazines titled Al Fahal and Al Manhal in both English and Arabic and a host of other corporate publications. All Company communications have always been bilingual. English is widely used in transacting the Company’s business, and Arabic has been crucial in engaging with local stakeholders, both internal and external.

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