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Omani firm partners with specialists to support oil and gas industry

Well-known Omani oil and gas services provider, RAY International Group has joined forces with leading international companies to address concerns about asset life and integrity in the hydrocarbon and power sectors in the Sultanate. Safeguarding workers from fire and blasts resulting from equipment failure is also a key objective of this partnership.

The scope and ramifications of this important alliance were outlined at a launch event hosted by RAY International Group at the Majan Continental Hotel on Tuesday. Representing RAY International were Dr Tahir bin Ahmed al Kindi, Group Chairman, and Rashid al Mahrouqi, Director of Group Business Development.

Also in attendance were Øyvind Storvik, General Manager — IKM Dsc Engineering, Norway, and Frank May of Globecore, Germany. A large number of senior executives from the oil and gas sectors, as well as electricity transmission and distribution companies, were present as well.

The event began with an overview of RAY’s partnership with Globecore, a German leading manufacturer of a wide range of transformer maintenance equipment. Globecore’s specialist products are suited for oil purification, oil regeneration, transformer oil filling, transformer insulation drying, hot air drying, and cold drying of transformers.

Manufactured in portable forms, these pieces of equipment can be used in the field without the need for the dismantling and movement of the transformer from its location, according to Globecore officials. Additionally, equipment for purification, regeneration and other services can be used on live transformers, thereby ensuring continuity of power supply and eliminating maintenance downtown.

Teaming up with Norway’s IKM, a leading supplier of certified prefabricated fire & blast resistant wall systems and doors worldwide, RAY International is gearing up to supply the domestic market with fire and blast protection products.
“In case of fire, large compartments, walls or enclosures may be subjected to extreme conditions and impact damage due to falling debris, leading to failure and in some cases total collapse,” said a representative.

“In circumstances of extreme fire it is vital that both materials and construction are capable of sustaining their design function. When subjected to these extreme conditions, IKM fire barriers achieved a fire rating of 240 minutes and together with its ability to withstand impact gives it the strength to mitigate against the harshness of fires,” he explained.

In addition, IKM fire & blast panels are lightweight, maintenance free, designed for, among other characteristics, high pressure blasts, self-supporting, jet fire resistant, and fire rated for NR, A0, A60, H0, H60, H120 and H240.

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