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Dalma Energy wins prestigious award

Strong local economies are key to wealth creation and improving the economic and social fortunes of Omani citizens and communities — bringing benefits to all. And one Omani company that is creating wealth and jobs is Dalma Energy, a leading drilling company who earlier this week was presented with a GCC Labour Ministers Council Award, in recognition of the company’s commitment to Omanisation and creation of employment opportunities for nationals.

We salute Dalma Energy’s achievement and their steadfast dedication to creating jobs for Omani nationals. Indeed, it is strong local businesses like Dalma Energy that bring growth and innovation to Oman. They stimulate the economy by providing jobs and attracting national talent who deliver services and implement solutions that help meet the challenges we face in the energy sector,” remarked Taleb al Makhmari, Ithraa’s Director General of Marketing & Media.

It is important that Omani companies maintain a strong local economic perspective, it is this approach that keeps the economy real and warm. “Every economy is made up of a network of social, public and commercial activity —all interconnected and dependent on one another,” explained Al Makhmari. “And Oman is no exception,” he pointed out.

Oman’s successful economy is built on the back of both strong public services and dynamic local companies that nurture families, strengthen communities and empower productive workers.

It is clear that Dalma Energy is very much part of this interconnected and caring local ecosystem.”

Commenting on the Award, Khalfan al Riyami, Deputy CEO, Dalma Energy said: “We are thrilled to receive this highly prestigious prize. Training is the lifeblood of Oman’s energy sector, as we need to equip hundreds of new people each year with skills to start them on a rewarding long-term career in our industry. Hiring and training Omanis is key to both our commercial success as well as that of communities right across the Sultanate.”

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