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Oman’s first fuel station with EV charger inaugurated

Oman Oil Marketing Company installed an electric vehicle (EV) charger at its Mazoon Street service station in Muscat, Leading the way to serve a new era of customers.

David Kalife, CEO at Oman Oil Marketing Company said, “With electric vehicles increasing in popularity throughout the region, Oman Oil Marketing Company is also rapidly changing to ensure that we prepare for the needs of today’s eco-friendly drivers. By deploying electric charging stations, we are not only diversifying our offerings, but we are also implementing progressive green technologies to better cater for our customer diverse needs, by going beyond the usual offered products and services at our stations.”

Able to charge two vehicles simultaneously, the EV charging station has a total charge capacity of 44KW, with 22KW from each socket allowing for electric vehicles to completely charge in less than an hour. While electric cars are still a minority within the Sultanate’s market, Oman Oil Marketing Company’s eco-friendly charging station is part of a driving force increasing the company’s standing as a one-stop shop, meeting all of its customers’ requirements.
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