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Omran awarded for contributions to growth of Tourism

Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) received a prestigious Business Vision award for its contributions to developing the Sultanate’s tourism sector.

The company was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution to National Economic Growth Oman 2018" accolade. The judging panel selected Omran for having 18 new hotels in operation and more under construction, as well as boosting investment and job creation in the Sultanate’s tourism sector.

“The core of our business is to invest in the growth of the rapidly expanding tourism sector by creating tourism infrastructure and projects, which will directly support the diversification of the economy away from a dependence on the oil and gas sectors, ” Omran CEO Peter Walichnowski said.

“The year 2018 will see Omran completing a number of major projects aimed at the international market,” he said, adding, “But we will also begin to focus on the domestic tourism market by providing unique events, experiences and services for Omanis and other residents.”

“Looking ahead, we will be exploring ways to share the value of our hotel portfolio with investors,” Walichnowski added.

The World Travel and Tourism Council expects the sector to contribute nearly US$9 billion to Oman’s economy by 2028, representing an increase of some $4 billion from 2017. Omran is playing a major role in helping Oman achieve this growth and provide employment for nearly 100,000 people.

Omran's contributions to the hotel sector have been substantial, with its hotel welcoming 405,000 guests in 2017. The company's hotels have also been critically acclaimed, with Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort being voted the best hotel in Oman by Conde Nast and shortlisted among the top five hotels in the Middle East.

One of its most impressive projects is the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, the centrepiece of the new Madinat Al Irfan Development in Muscat. OCEC has already held more than 291 regional and international events since its completion in 2016.

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