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Omani products exported to 135 countries globally

Oman Export Week opened yesterday at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre under the auspices of Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications. According to Taleb al Makhmari, Ithraa’s Director General of Marketing & Media and organiser of the five-day event: “Oman has long been an outward looking trading nation. At our best, we’ve done business in every corner of the globe. It’s in our DNA to travel, to engage, trade and sell. And today, exporting is more important to our economic ambitions than it has ever has been.”

Exports are central to Oman’s prosperity, growth and development, helping create quality jobs, and spur innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Today, and as of the last count, we’re proudly exporting to 135 countries. And we look forward to expanding on this not just in number but also in volume,” said Al Makhmari.
Despite the recent international financial crisis, global exports in 2017 were worth more than double than they were in 1997. On the home front, Oman’s non-oil exports reached $8.2 bn in 2017 up from $6.2 bn in 2016. A remarkable success, yet according to Al Makhmari, there is so much more to achieve. “We’re living in times of great change, and many developing economies are among the key drivers of global economic growth — many, thanks to our strategic location at the intersection of east — west trade routes and world-class logistics network, are within easy reach of Oman,” explained Ithraa’s Director General.

China, for example, is expected to have 220 cities with a population of more than a million by 2030. The whole of Europe has just 44. And it’s predicted that there will be 1.1 billion middle class Africans by 2060. These shifts in global economic and demographic power will shape future opportunities for Omani exporters.

From car batteries, fragrances and fibre optic cables to footwear, marble, ceramics, honey products and more, every day, Omani non-oil exporters are succeeding in international markets.
“However, many opportunities await. That is why we have launched Oman Export Week — 15 workshops covering topics that include branding, labelling, specifications, IP, e-commerce and logistics — to help Omani exporters capitalise on the possibilities of overseas markets,” added Sajda al Ghaithy, Ithraa’s Media Director.
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