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CBFS and Oman LNG Development Foundation sign cooperation agreement

The College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS) signed a cooperation agreement with Oman LNG Development Foundation. The agreement was signed by Dr Nasser bin Rashid al Mawali, the Dean of the College and Khalid bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Masn, CEO of the Oman LNG Development Foundation.

The agreement aims to finance a project for completing the expansion requirements of the college’s new annex. The construction of the new expansion started in 2016 and the final project is expected to be completed and delivered in May 2019. The expansion aims to increase the capacity of CBFS students by the academic year 2019/2020. This is in accordance with the college’s strategic plan to enhance the community partnership to improve the national economy and to be future-ready as a higher education institution.

Dr Nasser al Mawali, the Dean said: “This collaboration with Oman LNG Development Foundation is part of the involvement of the outside community in the continuous development of the College, which is reflected in the development of the community. The new expansion of the current annex, which was built according to the latest modern academic facilities, is another initiative that is integrated with the current building of the college. The College of Banking and Financial Studies is pioneering in its model in integrating its facilities and capacity building enterprises. This agreement is the beginning of future partnerships between the college and the Oman LNG Development Foundation.”
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