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Asry seals Bahrain Noga marine services contract

The Arabian Gulf’s leading maritime repair and fabrication facility Asry has signed a contract with Bahrain’s National Oil & Gas Authority (Noga) to provide a dedicated marine services area in the yard, from which Noga projects can be supported.

Once completed, the ‘Noga Zone’ will provide berth facilities, storage, crew facilities, and more, within Asry’s premises, for the gas authority-related projects, said a statement from Asry.

The Bahrain LNG Terminal project will soon be using the Noga Zone for some of its maritime operations, as required, it added.

"We are honoured to support Noga and their projects in bringing added value and growth to Bahrain," said Asry Business Development Manager Arran Dall after signing the deal with Noga General Manager (Oil & Gas Affairs) Jassim Al Shirawi.

"For a major Bahrain firm like ASRY to contribute to other nationally important projects, such as the new Bahrain LNG Terminal, not only makes commercial sense, but also national sense for the mutual development of the Kingdom," he noted.

"Working together with Bahrain corporate partners is a win-win situation," stated Al Shirawi. "As we develop and advance, cooperation and support of local value-providers will support the Bahrain’s economy and make the Kingdom’s industrial sector more competitive internationally," he added.
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