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Madayn to adopt online supplier certification system, JSRS

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (MADAYN) signed recently an agreement with Business Gateways International (business gateways) to implement Supplier Certification System on the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), the Sultanate’s online supplier certification platform.

The system will register companies through business gateways website in addition to issuance of an online registration certificate on behalf of MADAYN. The agreement was signed by Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, Chief Executive Officer of MADAYN, and Hafidh bin Saif Al Mahruqi, Vice Chairman of Business Gateways International.

Commenting on this agreement, Eng. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Mayasi, Director General of Al Buraimi Industrial City and head of MADAYN’s procurement and approval of materials committee, said that the committee has studied and prepared a mechanism for companies’ registration and approval of materials in MADAYN as per the tenders’ regulations.

“The committee then decided to contract with Business Gateways International, which is based in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM). The company has a rich experience in dealing with local suppliers for more than four years through registering companies and approving related materials. Besides, Business Gateways International is approved by the Ministry of Oil and Gas to make a record of the major companies operating in the oil sector,” Al Mayasi pointed out.

He added that the company will implement and develop the system and provide continuous support. The system has various features that facilitate the exploring of registered companies and the approved materials. It also classifies companies and assigns a dedicated list for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Moreover, the system introduces other features such as establishing a preliminary filtering of companies requesting registration (initial evaluation) to ensure the existence of these companies and their practice type. Following the initial evaluation, the application gets forwarded to MADAYN for final evaluation and approval. It should be noted that the company’s database has currently more than 4,000 registered companies in the portal.

On his part, Hafidh bin Saif Al Mahruqi, Vice Chairman of businessgateways, stated, “We are grateful to have MADAYN recognising the JSRS as a solution to their long-term supplier management requirements and building their supplier certification system on the JSRS.”

To join the MADAYN Certified Supplier pool, a supplier must first be registered and certified on JSRS ( From here, the JSRS Certified Supplier can progress to the MADAYN Supplier Certification System to be validated according to MADAYN’s validation criteria which leads to the MADAYN Supplier Certification on the JSRS

It should be noted that this agreement comes along the lines of the comprehensive strategy adopted by MADAYN to develop a series of integrated electronic services with the objective of offering a value added for the investment environment in its various industrial cities.

Through this strategy, MADAYN is constantly updating and developing its e-services, which contribute greatly to facilitate and complete the investment operations in the Sultanate and create an appropriate environment for the efforts.

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